43 U.S. Code Chapter 8A - GRAZING LANDS

SUBCHAPTER I—GENERALLY Sec. 315. Grazing districts; establishment; restrictions; prior rights; rights-of-way; hearing and notice; hunting or fishing rights. 315a. Protection, administration, regulation, and improvement of districts; rules and regulations; study of erosion and flood control; offenses. 315b. Grazing permits; fees; vested water rights; permits not to create right in land. 315c. Fences, wells, reservoirs, and other improvements; construction; permits; partition fences. 315d. Grazing stock for domestic purposes; use of natural resources. 315e. Rights of way; development of mineral resources. 315f. Homestead entry within district or withdrawn lands; classification; preferences. 315g, 315g–1. Repealed. 315h. Cooperation with associations, land officials, and agencies engaged in conservation or propagation of wildlife; local hearings on appeals; acceptance and use of contributions. 315i. Disposition of moneys received; availability for improvements. 315j. Appropriation of moneys received; application of public-land laws to Indian ceded lands; application for mineral title to lands. 315k. Cooperation with governmental departments; coordination of range administration. 315l. Lands under national-forest administration. 315m. Lease of isolated or disconnected tracts for grazing; preferences. 315m–1. Lease of State, county, or privately owned lands; period of lease; rental. 315m–2. Administration of leased lands. 315m–3. Availability of contributions received. 315m–4. Disposition of receipts; availability for leasing of land. 315n. State police power not abridged. 315o. Repealed. 315o–1. Board of grazing district advisers; composition; meetings; duties. 315o–2. Animals and equipment for field employees. 315p. Repealed. 315q. Withdrawal of lands for war or national defense purposes; payment for cancellation of permits or licenses. 315r. Rental payments in advance in case of withdrawal of lands for war or national defense purposes. SUBCHAPTER II—ALASKA 316. Declaration of policy. 316a. Definitions. 316b. Grazing districts. 316c. Alteration of grazing districts. 316d. Notice of establishment and alteration of grazing district; hearings. 316e. Preferences. 316f. Terms and conditions of lease. 316g. Grazing fees. 316h. Dispositions of receipts. 316i. Assignment of leases. 316j. Improvements to leasehold. 316k. Penalties. 316l. Stock driveways and free grazing. 316m. Hearing and appeals. 316n. Administration. 316o. Laws applicable.


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