48 U.S. Code § 1457 to 1469–1 - Repealed.

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Section 1457, R.S. § 1855, prohibited making or enforcement of any law of any Territorial legislature by which the governor, secretary or members or officers of any Territorial legislature are paid any compensation other than that provided by the laws of the United States.
Section 1458, R.S. § 1857, related to appointment or election of all township, district and county officers, except justices of the peace and general officers of the militia, and the appointment of all other officers by the governor, except in first instance where a new Territory is created, all officers to be appointed by the governor.
Section 1459, R.S. § 1858, related to filling of vacancies, during recess of legislative council, of offices which, under organic act of any Territory, were required to be filled by governor with the advice and consent of such council.
Section 1460, R.S. § 1860; Mar. 3, 1883, ch. 134, 22 Stat. 567; July 31, 1939, ch. 399, 53 Stat. 1143, related to qualification of voters at all elections subsequent to first election, in any newly created Territory, as well as at all elections in Territories already organized.
Section 1460a, R.S. § 1854; Feb. 22, 1889, ch. 180, 25 Stat. 676; Nov. 11, 1889, No. 8, 26 Stat. 1552, 1553, restricted a member of legislative assembly from holding any office created, or salary of which has been increased, by legislature of which he was a member, during term for which he was elected and for one year thereafter.
Section 1461, act Mar. 22, 1882, ch. 47, § 8,22 Stat. 31, prohibited polygamists, bigamists, etc., from voting or holding office in any Territory.
Section 1462, act June 19, 1878, ch. 329, § 1,20 Stat. 193, related to number and compensation of subordinate officers of each branch of Territorial legislature.
Section 1463, R.S. § 1868, related to chancery and common-law jurisdiction of supreme and district courts.
Section 1463a, R.S. § 1864, related to membership, quorum, and term of office of supreme court of every Territory.
Section 1464, act Apr. 7, 1874, ch. 80, § 1,18 Stat. 27, confirmed right to mingle exercise of common-law and chancery jurisdiction in courts of several Territories, provided no party was deprived of right to trial by jury in cases cognizable at common law.
Section 1465, R.S. § 1878, related to oath of office, and certification thereof, by governor, secretary, chief justice, associate justices and all other civil officers.
Section 1466, act May 1, 1876, ch. 88, 19 Stat. 43, related to time when payment of salaries of all officers of the Territories was to commence.
Section 1467, R.S. § 1883; Pub. L. 90–578, title IV, § 402(b)(2),Oct. 17, 1968, 82 Stat. 1118, related to fees and costs allowed United States attorneys, marshals, clerks of courts, jurors, etc.
Section 1468, R.S. § 1884; June 10, 1921, ch. 18, § 304,42 Stat. 24, prohibited payment of salaries to any officer of a Territory absent therefrom, unless good cause was shown to the President.
Section 1469, R.S. § 1886; June 10, 1921, ch. 18, § 304,42 Stat. 24, related to accounts and disbursements of Territories for support of government.
Section 1469–1, act Mar. 4, 1915, ch. 141, § 1,38 Stat. 1021; June 10, 1921, ch. 18, title III, § 304,42 Stat. 24, related to transmittal of accounts and vouchers relating to expenditure of appropriations for government in Territories to Secretary of the Interior for administrative examination and by him to General Accounting Office.


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