48 U.S. Code Chapter 4 - PUERTO RICO

SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 731. Territory included under name Puerto Rico. 731a. Change of name; Puerto Rico. 731b. Organization of a government pursuant to a constitution. 731c. Submission of sections 731b to 731e of this title to people of Puerto Rico for referendum; convening of constitutional convention; requisites of constitution. 731d. Ratification of constitution by Congress. 731e. Chapter continued in force and effect. 732. Repealed. 733. Citizens; former Spanish subjects and children; body politic; name. 733a. Citizens; residence in island of citizens of United States. 733a–1, 733b. Repealed or Omitted. 734. United States laws extended to Puerto Rico; internal revenue receipts covered into treasury. 734a. Extension of industrial alcohol and internal revenue laws to Puerto Rico. 735. Repealed. 736. Puerto Rican law modified. 737. Privileges and immunities. 738. Free interchange of merchandise with United States. 739. Duties on foreign imports; books and pamphlets in English language. 740. Duties and taxes to constitute fund for benefit of Puerto Rico; ports of entry. 741. Export duties, taxes, etc.; bonds to anticipate revenues. 741a. Internal-revenue taxes; levy and collection; discrimination. 742. Acknowledgment of deeds. 743. Repealed. 744. Coasting trade laws. 745. Tax exempt bonds. 745a. Public improvement bonds sold to United States or agency thereof excluded from public indebtedness. 745b. Refunding bonds excluded temporarily in computing indebtedness. 746. Public lands and buildings; reservations; rights prior to July 1, 1902. 747. Public property transferred; “control” defined. 748. Conveyance by President to people of lands, buildings, etc. 749. Harbors and navigable waters transferred; definitions. 750. Repealed. 751. Interstate commerce and certain other laws inapplicable to Puerto Rico. 752. Corporate real estate holdings. 753 to 755. Repealed or Omitted. SUBCHAPTER II—THE EXECUTIVE AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS 771 to 793b. Repealed. 794. Official reports. 795. Government expenses payable out of revenues. 796 to 799. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—THE LEGISLATURE 811 to 820. Repealed. 821. Legislative power. 822 to 844. Repealed or Omitted. 845. Income tax laws; modification or repeal by legislature. SUBCHAPTER IV—THE JUDICIARY 861 to 863. Repealed or Omitted. 864. Appeals, certiorari, removal of causes, etc.; use of English language. 865 to 867. Repealed or Omitted. 868. Fees part of United States revenues. 869. Fees payable by United States out of revenue of Puerto Rico. 870, 871. Repealed or Omitted. 872. Habeas corpus; mandamus; suit to restrain assessment or collection of taxes. 873, 873a. Repealed. 874. Judicial process; officials to be citizens of United States; oath. 875, 876. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER V—RESIDENT COMMISSIONER 891. Resident Commissioner; election. 892. Qualifications of Commissioner; appointment to fill vacancy. 893. Salary of Commissioner; allowances; franking privilege. 894. Salary and traveling expenses; payment. SUBCHAPTER VI—SLUM CLEARANCE AND URBAN REDEVELOPMENT PROJECTS 910. Slum clearance and urban redevelopment and renewal projects; powers of government. 910a. Authorization of loans, conveyances, etc., by government and municipalities. 910b. Ratification of prior acts. SUBCHAPTER VII—LOW RENT HOUSING PROJECTS AND ELIMINATION OF SUB-STANDARD HOUSING 911. Legislative authorization to create authorities. 912. Authority to appoint commissioners; powers of authorities. 913. Authorization of loans, conveyances, etc., by municipalities. 914. Issuance of bonds and obligations. 915. Bonds as public debt. 916. Ratification of previous legislation.


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