48 U.S. Code Chapter 8A - GUAM

SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1421. Territory included under name Guam. 1421a. Unincorporated territory; capital; powers of government; suits against government; type of government; supervision. 1421b. Bill of rights. 1421c. Certain laws continued in force; modification or repeal of laws. 1421d. Salaries and allowances of officers and employees. 1421e. Duty on articles. 1421f. Title to property transferred. 1421f–1. Acknowledgement of deeds. 1421g. Establishment and maintenance of public bodies and offices. 1421h. Duties, taxes, and fees; proceeds collected to constitute fund for benefit of Guam; prerequisites, amount, etc., remitted prior to commencement of next fiscal year. 1421i. Income tax. 1421j. Authorization of appropriations. 1421k. Designation of naval or military reservations; closed port. 1421k–1 to 1421m. Repealed. 1421n. Applicability of Federal copyright laws. 1421o. Federal assistance for fire control, watershed protection, and reforestation. 1421p. Authorization of appropriations. 1421q. Applicability of Federal laws. 1421q–1. Applicability of laws referred to in section 502(a)(1) of Covenant to Establish a Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 1421r. Port of Guam Improvement Enterprise Program. SUBCHAPTER II—THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH 1422. Governor and Lieutenant Governor; term of office; qualifications; powers and duties; annual report to Congress. 1422a. Removal of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or member of legislature; referendum election. 1422b. Vacancy in office of Governor or Lieutenant Governor. 1422c. Executive agencies and instrumentalities. 1422d. Transfer of functions from government comptroller for Guam to Inspector General, Department of the Interior. SUBCHAPTER III—THE LEGISLATURE 1423. Legislature of Guam. 1423a. Power of legislature; limitation on indebtedness of Guam; bond issues; guarantees for purchase by Federal Financing Bank of Guam Power Authority bonds or other obligations; interest rates; default. 1423b. Selection and qualification of members; officers; rules and regulations; quorum. 1423c. Privileges of members. 1423d. Oath of office. 1423e. Prohibition against acceptance of salary increases or newly created offices. 1423f. Qualifications of members. 1423g. Vacancies. 1423h. Regular and special sessions. 1423i. Approval of bills. 1423j. Authorization of appropriations. 1423k. Right of petition. 1423l. Omitted. SUBCHAPTER IV—THE JUDICIARY 1424. District Court of Guam; local courts; jurisdiction. 1424–1. Jurisdiction and powers of local courts. 1424–2. Relations between courts of United States and courts of Guam. 1424–3. Appellate jurisdiction of District Court; procedure; review by United States Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit; rules; appeals to appellate court. 1424–4. Criminal offenses; procedure; definitions. 1424a. Repealed. 1424b. Judge of District Court; appointment, tenure, removal, and compensation; appointment of United States attorney and marshal. 1424c. Review of claims respecting land on Guam. SUBCHAPTER V—PUBLIC HOUSING AND URBAN RENEWAL 1425. Omitted. 1425a. Legislative authority to create authorities; appointment of members; powers of authorities. 1425b. Issuance of notes, bonds, and obligations. 1425c. Authorization of loans, conveyances, etc. 1425d. Ratification of prior act. 1425e. Additional powers. 1426. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—GUAM DEVELOPMENT FUND 1428. Authorization of appropriations. 1428a. Submission of plan for use of funds; contents of plan; term, interest rate, and premium charge of loan. 1428b. Prerequisite for loan or loan guarantee; maximum participation in available funds; reserves for loan guarantees. 1428c. Accounting procedures. 1428d. Report for inclusion in annual report by Governor. 1428e. Audit of books and records of agency, or agencies, administering loan funds.
Constitutions for Virgin Islands and Guam: Establishment; Congressional Authorization

Authorization for the peoples of the Virgin Islands and Guam to call constitutional conventions to draft constitutions for local self-government, see Pub. L. 94–584, Oct. 21, 1976, 90 Stat. 2899, set out as a note under section 1541 of this title.
Delegate to Congress From Guam

Provisions respecting representation in Congress by a Delegate from Guam to the House of Representatives, see section 1711 et seq. of this title.


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