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Sec. 5301. Policies and purposes. 5302. Definitions. 5303. Metropolitan transportation planning. 5304. Statewide and nonmetropolitan transportation planning. 5305. Planning programs. 5306. Private enterprise participation in metropolitan planning and transportation improvement programs and relationship to other limitations. 5307. Urbanized area formula grants. [5308. Repealed.] 5309. Fixed guideway capital investment grants. 5310. Formula grants for the enhanced mobility of seniors and individuals with disabilities. 5311. Formula grants for rural areas. 5312. Research, development, demonstration, and deployment projects. 5313. Transit cooperative research program. 5314. Technical assistance and standards development. 5315. Private sector participation. [5316, 5317. Repealed.] 5318. Bus testing facility. 5319. Bicycle facilities. [5320. Repealed.] 5321. Crime prevention and security. 5322. Human resources and training. 5323. General provisions. 5324. Public transportation emergency relief program. 5325. Contract requirements. 5326. Transit asset management. 5327. Project management oversight. [5328. Repealed.] 5329. Public transportation safety program. 5330. State safety oversight. 5331. Alcohol and controlled substances testing. 5332. Nondiscrimination. 5333. Labor standards. 5334. Administrative provisions. 5335. National transit database. 5336. Apportionment of appropriations for formula grants. 5337. State of good repair grants. 5338. Authorizations. 5339. Bus and bus facilities formula grants. 5340. Apportionments based on growing States and high density States formula factors.

2012—Pub. L. 112–141, div. B, § 20030(k),July 6, 2012, 126 Stat. 731, amended generally the analysis for this chapter, adding item 5326, substituting “Policies and purposes” for “Policies, findings, and purposes” in item 5301, “Statewide and nonmetropolitan transportation planning” for “Statewide transportation planning” in item 5304, “Fixed guideway capital investment grants” for “Capital investment grants” in item 5309, “Formula grants for the enhanced mobility of seniors and individuals with disabilities” for “Formula grants for special needs of elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities” in item 5310, “Formula grants for rural areas” for “Formula grants for other than urbanized areas” in item 5311, “Technical assistance and standards development” for “National research programs” in item 5314, “Private sector participation” for “National transit institute” in item 5315, “Human resources and training” for “Human resource programs” in item 5322, “General provisions” for “General provisions on assistance” in item 5323, “Public transportation emergency relief program” for “Special provisions for capital projects” in item 5324, “Public transportation safety program” for “Investigations of safety hazards and security risks” in item 5329, “State of good repair grants” for “Apportionment based on fixed guideway factors” in item 5337, and “Bus and bus facilities formula grants” for “Alternatives analysis program” in item 5339, and striking out items 5308 “Clean fuels grant program”, 5316 “Job access and reverse commute formula grants”, 5317 “New freedom program”, 5320 “Alternative transportation in parks and public lands, and 5328 “Project review”.
2005—Pub. L. 109–59, title III, §§ 3002(b)(1), 3005(c), 3006(c), 3007(b), 3010(b), 3011(b), 3012(c), 3013(i), 3014(e)(2), 3015(b)(2), 3016(d), 3018(b), 3019(b), 3021(b), 3024(b), 3025(b), 3028(d), 3029(b), 3033(b), 3035(b), 3038(b),Aug. 10, 2005, 119 Stat. 1544, 1559, 1566, 1568, 1573, 1588, 1593, 1596, 1597, 1600, 1605, 1608, 1614, 1620, 1622, 1625, 1627, 1629, 1638, substituted “PUBLIC” for “MASS” in chapter heading, substituted “transportation planning” for “planning” in item 5303, “Statewide transportation planning” for “Transportation improvement program” in item 5304, “Planning programs” for “Transportation management areas” in item 5305, “grant program” for “formula grant program” in item 5308, “grants” for “grants and loans” in item 5309, “Formula grants” for “Formula grants and loans” in item 5310, “grants” for “grant” in item 5311, “deployment” for “training” in item 5312, “Transit cooperative research program” for “State planning and research programs” in item 5313, “research programs” for “planning and research programs” in item 5314, “Alternative transportation in parks and public lands” for “Suspended light rail system technology pilot project” in item 5320, “Special provisions for capital projects” for “Limitations on discretionary and special needs grants and loans” in item 5324, “Investigations of safety hazards and security risks” for “Investigation of safety hazards” in item 5329, “State safety oversight” for “Withholding amounts for noncompliance with safety requirements” in item 5330, “National transit database” for “Reports and audits” in item 5335, and “Apportionment based on fixed guideway factors” for “Apportionment of appropriations for fixed guideway modernization” in item 5337, added items 5316, 5317, and 5340, and struck out item 5326 “Special procurements”.
Pub. L. 109–59, title III, § 3037(b),Aug. 10, 2005, 119 Stat. 1636, which directed amendment of the analysis for chapter 53 by striking the item relating to section 5339 and inserting a new item 5339, was executed by adding the new item 5339 after item 5338 to reflect the probable itent of Congress, because no item for section 5339 had been enacted.
1998—Pub. L. 105–178, title III, §§ 3007(a)(2), 3008(b), 3009(b), 3014(b), 3017(b), 3025(b)(2), title V, § 5110(c),June 9, 1998, 112 Stat. 347, 352, 359, 361, 365, 444, substituted “Urbanized area formula grants” for “Block grants” in item 5307, “Clean fuels formula grant program” for “Mass Transit Account block grants” in item 5308, “Capital investment” for “Discretionary” in item 5309, “Formula grant” for “Financial assistance” in item 5311, and “transit” for “mass transportation” in item 5315, struck out items 5316 “University research institutes” and 5317 “Transportation centers”, and inserted “provisions” after “Administrative” in item 5334.
Pub. L. 105–178, title III, § 3013(b),June 9, 1998, 112 Stat. 359, which directed insertion of “formula” before “grants” in item 5310, was executed by substituting “Formula grants” for “Grants” to reflect the probable intent of Congress.
Pub. L. 105–178, title III, § 3027(d), as added by Pub. L. 105–206, title IX, § 9009(o)(2),July 22, 1998, 112 Stat. 858, substituted “formula grants” for “block grants” in item 5336.


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