Sec. 2301. Findings. 2302. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—DOMESTIC PREPAREDNESS 2311. Response to threats of terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction. 2312. Repealed. 2313. Nuclear, chemical, and biological emergency response. 2314. Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives response team. 2315. Testing of preparedness for emergencies involving nuclear, radiological, chemical, and biological weapons. 2316. Actions to increase civilian expertise. 2317. Rapid response information system. SUBCHAPTER II—INTERDICTION OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND RELATED MATERIALS 2331. Procurement of detection equipment for United States border security. 2332. Sense of Congress concerning criminal penalties. 2333. International border security. 2334. Training program. SUBCHAPTER III—CONTROL AND DISPOSITION OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION AND RELATED MATERIALS THREATENING THE UNITED STATES 2341. Elimination of plutonium production. 2342. Cooperative program on research, development, and demonstration of technology regarding nuclear or radiological terrorism. 2343. Matters relating to the international materials protection, control, and accounting program of the Department of Energy. 2344. Strengthened international security for nuclear materials and security of nuclear operations. 2345. Export control programs. SUBCHAPTER IV—COORDINATION OF POLICY AND COUNTERMEASURES AGAINST PROLIFERATION OF WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION 2351. National coordinator on nonproliferation. 2352. National Security Council Committee on Nonproliferation. 2353. Comprehensive preparedness program. 2354. Termination. SUBCHAPTER IV–A—NONPROLIFERATION ASSISTANCE COORDINATION 2357. Findings. 2357a. Definitions. 2357b. Establishment of Committee on Nonproliferation Assistance. 2357c. Purposes and authority. 2357d. Administrative support. 2357e. Confidentiality of information. 2357f. Statutory construction. 2357g. Reporting and consultation. SUBCHAPTER V—MISCELLANEOUS 2361. Sense of Congress concerning contracting policy. 2362. Transfers of allocations among cooperative threat reduction programs. 2363. Sense of Congress concerning assistance to states of former Soviet Union. 2364. Purchase of low-enriched uranium derived from Russian highly enriched uranium. 2365. Sense of Congress concerning purchase, packaging, and transportation of fissile materials at risk of theft. 2366. Repealed. 2367. Reports on Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Threat Posed by Weapons of Mass Destruction, Ballistic Missiles, and Cruise Missiles. 2368. Annual reports on the proliferation of missiles and essential components of nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiological weapons. 2369. Repealed. 2370. Notification of Committees on Armed Services with respect to certain nonproliferation and proliferation activities. 2371. Report on nuclear aspirations of non-state entities, nuclear weapons and related programs in non-nuclear-weapons states and countries not parties to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and certain foreign persons.


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