Sec. 2501. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—ORGANIZATIONAL MATTERS 2511. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. 2512. Management structure for nuclear security enterprise. 2513. Restriction on licensing requirement for certain defense activities and facilities. 2514. Transferred. SUBCHAPTER II—NUCLEAR WEAPONS STOCKPILE MATTERS
Part A—Stockpile Stewardship and Weapons Production

2521. Stockpile stewardship program. 2522. Stockpile stewardship criteria. 2523. Nuclear weapons stockpile stewardship, management, and infrastructure plan. 2523a. Repealed. 2523b. Transferred. 2524. Stockpile management program. 2524a. Repealed. 2525. Annual assessments and reports to the President and Congress regarding the condition of the United States nuclear weapons stockpile. 2526. Form of certifications regarding the safety or reliability of the nuclear weapons stockpile. 2527. Nuclear test ban readiness program. 2528, 2528a. Repealed. 2529. Requirements for specific request for new or modified nuclear weapons. 2530. Testing of nuclear weapons. 2531. Repealed. 2532. Manufacturing infrastructure for refabrication and certification of nuclear weapons stockpile. 2533. Reports on critical difficulties at national security laboratories and nuclear weapons production facilities. 2534. Plan for transformation of National Nuclear Security Administration nuclear security enterprise. 2535. Replacement project for Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Building, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico. 2536. Reports on lifetime extension programs. 2537. Selected Acquisition Reports and independent cost estimates on life extension programs and new nuclear facilities. 2538. Advice to President and Congress regarding safety, security, and reliability of United States nuclear weapons stockpile.
Part B—Tritium

2541. Tritium production program. 2542. Tritium recycling. 2543. Tritium production. 2544. Modernization and consolidation of tritium recycling facilities. 2545. Procedures for meeting tritium production requirements. SUBCHAPTER III—PROLIFERATION MATTERS 2561. Repealed. 2562. Nonproliferation initiatives and activities. 2563. Annual report on status of Nuclear Materials Protection, Control, and Accounting Program. 2564. Nuclear Cities Initiative. 2565. Authority to conduct program relating to fissile materials. 2566. Disposition of weapons-usable plutonium at Savannah River Site. 2567. Disposition of surplus defense plutonium at Savannah River Site, Aiken, South Carolina. 2568. Authority to use international nuclear materials protection and cooperation program funds outside the former Soviet Union. 2569. Acceleration of removal or security of fissile materials, radiological materials, and related equipment at vulnerable sites worldwide. 2570. Silk Road Initiative. 2571. Nuclear Nonproliferation Fellowships for scientists employed by United States and Russian Federation. 2572. International agreements on nuclear weapons data. 2573. International agreements on information on radioactive materials. 2574. Enhancing nuclear forensics capabilities. SUBCHAPTER IV—ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION AND WASTE MANAGEMENT MATTERS
Part A—Environmental Restoration and Waste Management

2581. Defense Environmental Restoration and Waste Management Account. 2582. Requirement to develop future use plans for environmental management programs. 2582a. Future-years defense environmental management plan. 2583. Integrated fissile materials management plan. 2584. Baseline environmental management reports. 2585. Accelerated schedule for environmental restoration and waste management activities. 2586. Defense waste cleanup technology program. 2587. Report on environmental restoration expenditures. 2588. Public participation in planning for environmental restoration and waste management at defense nuclear facilities. 2589. Policy of Department of Energy regarding future defense environmental management matters.
Part B—Closure of Facilities

2601. Projects to accelerate closure activities at defense nuclear facilities. 2602. Reports in connection with permanent closures of Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities.
Part C—Privatization

2611. Defense environmental management privatization projects.
Part D—Hanford Reservation, Washington

2621. Safety measures for waste tanks at Hanford Nuclear Reservation. 2622. Hanford waste tank cleanup program reforms. 2623. River Protection Project. 2624. Funding for termination costs of River Protection Project, Richland, Washington.
Part E—Savannah River Site, South Carolina

2631. Accelerated schedule for isolating high-level nuclear waste at the Defense Waste Processing Facility, Savannah River Site. 2632. Multi-year plan for clean-up. 2633. Continuation of processing, treatment, and disposal of legacy nuclear materials. 2634. Continuation of processing, treatment, and disposition of legacy nuclear materials. 2635. Continuation of processing, treatment, and disposition of legacy nuclear materials. 2636. Continuation of processing, treatment, and disposal of legacy nuclear materials. 2637. Continuation of processing, treatment, and disposal of legacy nuclear materials. 2638. Limitation on use of funds for decommissioning F–canyon facility. SUBCHAPTER V—SAFEGUARDS AND SECURITY MATTERS
Part A—Safeguards and Security

2651. Prohibition on international inspections of Department of Energy facilities unless protection of restricted data is certified. 2652. Restrictions on access to national security laboratories by foreign visitors from sensitive countries. 2653. Background investigations of certain personnel at Department of Energy facilities. 2654. Department of Energy counterintelligence polygraph program. 2655. Repealed. 2656. Notice to congressional committees of certain security and counterintelligence failures within atomic energy defense programs. 2657. Submittal of annual report on status of security functions at nuclear weapons facilities. 2658. Report on counterintelligence and security practices at national security laboratories. 2659. Report on security vulnerabilities of national security laboratory computers. 2660. Design and use of prototypes of nuclear weapons for intelligence purposes.
Part B—Classified Information

2671. Review of certain documents before declassification and release. 2672. Protection against inadvertent release of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data. 2673. Supplement to plan for declassification of Restricted Data and Formerly Restricted Data. 2674. Protection of classified information during laboratory-to-laboratory exchanges. 2675. Identification in budget materials of amounts for declassification activities and limitation on expenditures for such activities.
Part C—Emergency Response

2691. Responsibility for Defense Programs Emergency Response Program. SUBCHAPTER VI—PERSONNEL MATTERS
Part A—Personnel Management

2701. Authority for appointment of certain scientific, engineering, and technical personnel. 2702. Whistleblower protection program. 2703. Employee incentives for employees at closure project facilities. 2704. Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities workforce restructuring plan. 2705. Authority to provide certificate of commendation to Department of Energy and contractor employees for exemplary service in stockpile stewardship and security.
Part B—Education and Training

2721. Executive management training in Department of Energy. 2722. Stockpile stewardship recruitment and training program. 2723. Fellowship program for development of skills critical to the nuclear security enterprise.
Part C—Worker Safety

2731. Worker protection at nuclear weapons facilities. 2732. Safety oversight and enforcement at defense nuclear facilities. 2733. Program to monitor Department of Energy workers exposed to hazardous and radioactive substances. 2734. Programs for persons who may have been exposed to radiation released from Hanford Nuclear Reservation. 2735. Use of probabilistic risk assessment to ensure nuclear safety of facilities of the Administration and the Office of Environmental Management. 2736. Notification of nuclear criticality and non-nuclear incidents. SUBCHAPTER VII—BUDGET AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT MATTERS
Part A—Recurring National Security Authorization Provisions

2741. Definitions. 2742. Reprogramming. 2743. Minor construction projects. 2743a. General plant projects. 2744. Limits on construction projects. 2745. Fund transfer authority. 2746. Conceptual and construction design. 2747. Authority for emergency planning, design, and construction activities. 2748. Scope of authority to carry out plant projects. 2749. Availability of funds. 2750. Transfer of defense environmental management funds. 2751. Transfer of weapons activities funds. 2752. Funds available for all national security programs of the Department of Energy. 2753. Notification of cost overruns for certain Department of Energy projects.
Part B—Penalties

2761. Restriction on use of funds to pay penalties under environmental laws. 2762. Restriction on use of funds to pay penalties under Clean Air Act.
Part C—Other Matters

2771. Repealed. 2772. Quarterly reports on financial balances for atomic energy defense activities. SUBCHAPTER VIII—ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS
Part A—Contracts

2781. Costs not allowed under covered contracts. 2782. Prohibition and report on bonuses to contractors operating defense nuclear facilities. 2783. Contractor liability for injury or loss of property arising out of atomic weapons testing programs. 2784. Notice-and-wait requirement applicable to certain third-party financing arrangements. 2785. Publication of contractor performance evaluations leading to award fees.
Part B—Research and Development

2791. Laboratory-directed research and development programs. 2791a. Laboratory-directed research and development. 2792. Limitations on use of funds for laboratory directed research and development purposes. 2793. Limitation on use of funds for certain research and development purposes. 2794. Critical technology partnerships and cooperative research and development centers. 2795. University-based research collaboration program.
Part C—Facilities Management

2811. Transfers of real property at certain Department of Energy facilities. 2812. Engineering and manufacturing research, development, and demonstration by plant managers of certain nuclear weapons production plants. 2813. Pilot program relating to use of proceeds of disposal or utilization of certain Department of Energy assets. 2814. Department of Energy energy parks program.
Part D—Other Matters

2821. Repealed. 2822. Payment of costs of operation and maintenance of infrastructure at Nevada National Security Site.


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