50 U.S. Code Chapter 44 - NATIONAL SECURITY

Sec. 3001. Short title. 3002. Congressional declaration of purpose. 3003. Definitions. 3004. Definitions of military departments. 3005. Applicable laws. 3006. Repealing and savings provisions. SUBCHAPTER I—COORDINATION FOR NATIONAL SECURITY 3021. National Security Council. 3022. Joint Intelligence Community Council. 3023. Director of National Intelligence. 3024. Responsibilities and authorities of the Director of National Intelligence. 3025. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 3026. Deputy Directors of National Intelligence. 3027. National Intelligence Council. 3028. General Counsel. 3029. Civil Liberties Protection Officer. 3030. Director of Science and Technology. 3031. National Counterintelligence Executive. 3032. Chief Information Officer. 3033. Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. 3034. Chief Financial Officer of the Intelligence Community. 3035. Central Intelligence Agency. 3036. Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. 3037. Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. 3038. Responsibilities of Secretary of Defense pertaining to National Intelligence Program. 3039. Assistance to United States law enforcement agencies. 3040. Disclosure of foreign intelligence acquired in criminal investigations; notice of criminal investigations of foreign intelligence sources. 3041. Appointment of officials responsible for intelligence-related activities. 3042. Emergency preparedness. 3043. Annual national security strategy report. 3044. Repealed. 3045. National mission of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. 3046. Repealed. 3047. Restrictions on intelligence sharing with United Nations. 3048. Detail of intelligence community personnel—Intelligence Community Assignment Program. 3049. Non-reimbursable detail of other personnel. 3050. Additional annual reports from the Director of National Intelligence. 3051. Repealed. 3052. Limitation on establishment or operation of diplomatic intelligence support centers. 3053. Travel on any common carrier for certain intelligence collection personnel. 3054. POW/MIA analytic capability. 3055. Annual report on financial intelligence on terrorist assets. 3056. National Counterterrorism Center. 3057. National Counter Proliferation Center. 3058. National Intelligence Centers. SUBCHAPTER II—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 3071. National Security Agency voluntary separation. 3072. Authority of Federal Bureau of Investigation to award personal services contracts. 3072a. Reports on exercise of authority. 3073. Advisory committees; appointment; compensation of part-time personnel; applicability of other laws. 3074. Authorization of appropriations. 3075. “Function” and “Department of Defense” defined. 3076. Separability. 3077. Effective date. SUBCHAPTER III—ACCOUNTABILITY FOR INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES 3091. General congressional oversight provisions. 3092. Reporting of intelligence activities other than covert actions. 3093. Presidential approval and reporting of covert actions. 3094. Funding of intelligence activities. 3095. Notice to Congress of certain transfers of defense articles and defense services. 3096. Specificity of National Intelligence Program budget amounts for counterterrorism, counterproliferation, counternarcotics, and counterintelligence. 3097. Budget treatment of costs of acquisition of major systems by the intelligence community. 3098. Annual personnel level assessments for the intelligence community. 3099. Vulnerability assessments of major systems. 3100. Intelligence community business system transformation. 3101. Reports on the acquisition of major systems. 3102. Critical cost growth in major systems. 3103. Future budget projections. 3104. Reports on security clearances. 3105. Summary of intelligence relating to terrorist recidivism of detainees held at United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 3106. Dates for submittal of various annual and semiannual reports to the congressional intelligence committees. 3107. Certification of compliance with oversight requirements. SUBCHAPTER IV—PROTECTION OF CERTAIN NATIONAL SECURITY INFORMATION 3121. Protection of identities of certain United States undercover intelligence officers, agents, informants, and sources. 3122. Defenses and exceptions. 3123. Repealed. 3124. Extraterritorial jurisdiction. 3125. Providing information to Congress. 3126. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER V—PROTECTION OF OPERATIONAL FILES 3141. Operational files of the Central Intelligence Agency. 3142. Operational files of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. 3143. Operational files of the National Reconnaissance Office. 3144. Operational files of the National Security Agency. 3145. Omitted. 3146. Protection of certain files of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. SUBCHAPTER VI—ACCESS TO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION 3161. Procedures. 3162. Requests by authorized investigative agencies. 3163. Exceptions. 3164. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER VII—APPLICATION OF SANCTIONS LAWS TO INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES 3171. Stay of sanctions. 3172. Extension of stay. 3173. Reports. 3174. Laws subject to stay. 3175. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VIII—EDUCATION IN SUPPORT OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE
Part A—Science and Technology

3191. Scholarships and work-study for pursuit of graduate degrees in science and technology. 3192. Framework for cross-disciplinary education and training. 3193. Repealed.
Part B—Foreign Languages Program

3201. Program on advancement of foreign languages critical to the intelligence community. 3202. Education partnerships. 3203. Voluntary services. 3204. Regulations. 3205. Definitions.
Part C—Additional Education Provisions

3221. Assignment of intelligence community personnel as language students. 3222. Program on recruitment and training. 3223. Educational scholarship program. 3224. Intelligence officer training program. SUBCHAPTER IX—ADDITIONAL MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 3231. Applicability to United States intelligence activities of Federal laws implementing international treaties and agreements. 3232. Counterintelligence initiatives. 3233. Misuse of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence name, initials, or seal.

Chapter is comprised of act July 26, 1947, ch. 343, 61 Stat. 495, the National Security Act of 1947, which was formerly classified principally as part of chapter 15 of this title, prior to editorial reclassification and renumbering as chapter 44 of this title. For complete classification of the National Security Act of 1947, see Tables.


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