SUBCHAPTER I—BUDGET AND OVERSIGHT Sec. 3301. Multiyear national intelligence program. 3302. Identification of constituent components of base intelligence budget. 3303. Construction of intelligence community facilities; Presidential authorization. 3304. Limitation on construction of facilities to be used primarily by intelligence community. 3305. Exhibits for inclusion with budget justification books. 3306. Availability to public of certain intelligence funding information. 3307. Communications with the Committees on Armed Services of the Senate and the House of Representatives. 3308. Information access by the Comptroller General of the United States. 3309. Annual report on advisory committees. 3310. Annual report on United States security arrangements and commitments with other nations. SUBCHAPTER II—PERSONNEL AND ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITIES 3321. National Intelligence Reserve Corps. 3322. Additional education and training requirements. 3323. Eligibility for incentive awards. 3324. Prohibition on using journalists as agents or assets. 3325. Reaffirmation of longstanding prohibition against drug trafficking by employees of the intelligence community. 3326. Limitation of expenditure of funds appropriated for Department of Defense intelligence programs. 3327. Limitation on transfer of funds between CIA and Department of Defense; congressional notification required. 3328. Study or plan of surrender; use of appropriations. 3329. Intelligence community contracting. SUBCHAPTER III—SECURITY CLEARANCES AND CLASSIFIED INFORMATION 3341. Security clearances. 3342. Security clearances for transition team members. 3343. Security clearances; limitations. 3344. Classification training program. 3345. Limitation on handling, retention, and storage of certain classified materials by the Department of State. 3346. Compilation and organization of previously declassified records. 3347. Secrecy agreements used in intelligence activities. 3348. Reports relating to certain special access programs and similar programs. SUBCHAPTER IV—COLLECTION, ANALYSIS, AND SHARING OF INTELLIGENCE 3361. National Virtual Translation Center. 3362. Foreign Terrorist Asset Tracking Center. 3363. Terrorist Identification Classification System. 3364. Assignment of responsibilities relating to analytic integrity. 3365. Foreign intelligence information. 3366. Authorities of heads of other departments and agencies. 3367. Requirement for efficient use by intelligence community of open-source intelligence. SUBCHAPTER V—MANAGEMENT OF COUNTERINTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES 3381. Coordination of counterintelligence activities. 3382. National Counterintelligence Executive. 3383. Office of the National Counterintelligence Executive.


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