50a U.S. Code Rule - Payment of compensation; insurance

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(a) Omitted [Amendment of section 1271 of this Appendix].
(b) Omitted.
(c) In the event that a vessel the title or use and possession of which is requisitioned or taken pursuant to chapter 563 of title 46 or the Act of June 6, 1941 (Public Law 101, Seventy-seventh Congress) [sections 1271 to 1275 of this Appendix], is in the custody of any court, State or Federal, it shall be the duty of all agents and officers of the court having possession, custody, or control of said vessel, forthwith upon the filing with the clerk of said court of a certified copy of the order of requisitioning or taking, and without further order of the court, to comply with said requisitioning or taking and to permit the representatives of the United States Maritime Commission or the War Shipping Administration, [1] as the case may be, to take possession, custody, and control of said vessel.
(d) Omitted [Amendment of section 902 of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936 (now 46 U.S.C. 56301 et seq.)].
(e) to (i) Repealed. July 25, 1947, ch. 327, § 1,61 Stat. 449.
(j) Omitted [Amendment of section 1273 of this Appendix].
(k) Omitted [Amendment of section 1274 of this Appendix].

[1]  See Transfer of Functions note below.


(Mar. 24, 1943, ch. 26, § 3,57 Stat. 48; July 25, 1947, ch. 327, § 1,61 Stat. 449.)

Subsec. (b). Act Mar. 24, 1943, dealing with power of War Shipping Administrator to determine whether a vessel was required by United States, expired with the termination on Sept. 1, 1946, of War Shipping Administration, as set forth in note below.
In subsec. (c), “chapter 563 of title 46” substituted for “section 902 of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended,” on authority of Pub. L. 109–304, § 18(c),Oct. 6, 2006, 120 Stat. 1709, which Act enacted chapter 563 of Title 46, Shipping.
Subsecs. (e) to (i). Act Mar. 24, 1943, amended sections 1128b to 1128e and 1128h of former Title 46, Shipping, by providing compensation for servicing insurance, placing 5 percent limitation on commissions, for action in nature of bill of interpleader against interested persons, defining risks of war, and reinsurance of insurance companies.
Transfer of Functions

War Shipping Administration terminated as of Sept. 1, 1946, and functions, powers, duties, etc., transferred to United States Maritime Commission for period Sept. 1, 1946, to Dec. 31, 1946, for purpose of liquidating Administration, by act July 8, 1946, ch. 543, title II, § 202,60 Stat. 501.
United States Maritime Commission abolished by Reorg. Plan No. 21, 1950, eff. May 24, 1950, 15 F.R. 3178, 64 Stat. 1273, set out in the Appendix to Title 5, Government Organization and Employees, which transferred part of its functions and part of functions of its Chairman to Federal Maritime Board and Chairman thereof, that Board having been created by that Plan as an agency within Department of Commerce with an independent status in some respects, and transferred remainder of Commission’s functions and functions of its Chairman to Secretary of Commerce, with power vested in Secretary to authorize their performance by Maritime Administrator, the head of Maritime Administration, which likewise was established by the Plan in Department of Commerce with provision that Chairman of Federal Maritime Board should, ex officio, be that Administrator.
Federal Maritime Board, including offices of members of Board, abolished by section 304 of Reorg. Plan No. 7 of 1961, eff. Aug. 12, 1961, 26 F.R. 7315, 75 Stat. 843, set out in the Appendix to Title 5, Government Organization and Employees. Functions of Board transferred either to Federal Maritime Commission or to Secretary of Commerce by sections 103 and 202 of Reorg. Plan No. 7 of 1961.
Maritime Administration transferred from Department of Commerce to Department of Transportation by Maritime Act of 1981, Pub. L. 97–31, Aug. 6, 1981, 95 Stat. 151, which was repealed in part by Pub. L. 109–304, § 19,Oct. 6, 2006, 120 Stat. 1710. See section 109 of Title 49, Transportation.
Vessel Operations Under Revolving Fund

Vessel operations conducted under Vessel Operations Revolving Fund, applicability of subsec. (c) of this section to, see section 50301 (a) to (e) of Title 46, Shipping.


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