SUBCHAPTER I—TRANSPORTATION SECURITY PLANNING AND INFORMATION SHARING Sec. 1101. Definitions. 1102. National Domestic Preparedness Consortium. 1103. National Transportation Security Center of Excellence. 1104. Immunity for reports of suspected terrorist activity or suspicious behavior and response. SUBCHAPTER II—TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS 1111. Definitions. 1112. Authorization of Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response teams. 1113. Surface transportation security inspectors. 1114. Surface transportation security technology information sharing. 1115. TSA personnel limitations. 1116. National explosives detection canine team training program. 1117. Roles of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Transportation. SUBCHAPTER III—PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SECURITY 1131. Definitions. 1132. Findings. 1133. National Strategy for Public Transportation Security. 1134. Security assessments and plans. 1135. Public transportation security assistance. 1136. Security exercises. 1137. Public transportation security training program. 1138. Public transportation research and development. 1139. Information sharing. 1140. Threat assessments. 1141. Reporting requirements. 1142. Public transportation employee protections. 1143. Security background checks of covered individuals for public transportation. 1144. Limitation on fines and civil penalties. SUBCHAPTER IV—SURFACE TRANSPORTATION SECURITY
Part A—General Provisions

1151. Definitions. 1152. Oversight and grant procedures. 1153. Authorization of appropriations. 1154. Public awareness.
Part B—Railroad Security

1161. Railroad transportation security risk assessment and National Strategy. 1162. Railroad carrier assessments and plans. 1163. Railroad security assistance. 1164. Systemwide Amtrak security upgrades. 1165. Fire and life safety improvements. 1166. Railroad carrier exercises. 1167. Railroad security training program. 1168. Railroad security research and development. 1169. Railroad tank car security testing. 1170. Security background checks of covered individuals. 1171. International railroad security program. 1172. Railroad security enhancements; Model State legislation.
Part C—Over-the-Road Bus and Trucking Security

1181. Over-the-road bus security assessments and plans. 1182. Over-the-road bus security assistance. 1183. Over-the-road bus exercises. 1184. Over-the-road bus security training program. 1185. Over-the-road bus security research and development. 1186. Memorandum of Understanding annex.
Part D—Hazardous Material and Pipeline Security

1201. Railroad routing of security-sensitive materials. 1202. Railroad security-sensitive material tracking. 1203. Hazardous materials highway routing. 1204. Motor carrier security-sensitive material tracking. 1205. Hazardous materials security inspections and study. 1206. Use of transportation security card in hazmat licensing. 1207. Pipeline security inspections and enforcement. 1208. Pipeline security and incident recovery plan.


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