SUBCHAPTER I—DECLARATION OF CONDITIONS AND POLICY Sec. 601. Declaration of conditions. 602. Declaration of policy; establishment of price basing period; marketing standards; orderly supply flow; circumstances for continued regulation. SUBCHAPTER II—COTTON OPTION CONTRACTS 603. Government owned cotton; transfer to Secretary of Agriculture; powers of Secretary. 604. Borrowing money; expenditures; authority of Secretary. 605, 606. Repealed. 607. Sale by Secretary; additional options; validation of assignments; publication of information. SUBCHAPTER III—COMMODITY BENEFITS 608. Powers of Secretary. 608–1. Omitted. 608a. Enforcement of chapter. 608a–1. Repealed. 608b. Marketing agreements; exemption from antitrust laws; inspection requirements for handlers not subject to agreements. 608c. Orders. 608c–1. Repealed. 608d. Books and records. 608e. Repealed. 608e–1. Import prohibitions on specified foreign produce. 608f. Repealed. 609. Processing tax; methods of computation; rate; what constitutes processing; publicity as to tax to avoid profiteering. 610. Administration. 611. “Basic agricultural commodity” defined; exclusion of commodities. 612. Appropriation; use of revenues; administrative expenses. 612a, 612b. Omitted. 612c. Appropriation to encourage exportation and domestic consumption of agricultural products. 612c–1. Authorization for appropriations to increase domestic consumption of surplus farm commodities. 612c–2. Technical support to exporters and importers of United States agricultural products; scope of support provided by Department of Agriculture. 612c–3. Repealed. 612c–4. Purchase of specialty crops. 612c–5. Section 612c funds for purchase of fruits, vegetables, and nuts to support domestic nutrition assistance programs. 612c–6. Domestic food assistance programs. 613. Termination date; investigations and reports. 613a. Repealed. 614. Separability. 615. Refunds of tax; exemptions from tax; compensating tax; compensating tax on foreign goods; covering into Treasury. 616. Stock on hand when tax takes effect or terminates. 617. Refund on goods exported; bond to suspend tax on commodity intended for export. 618. Existing contracts; imposition of tax on vendee; collection. 619. Collection of tax; provisions of internal revenue laws applicable; returns. 619a. Cotton tax, time for payment. 620. Falsely ascribing deductions or charges to taxes; penalty. 621. Machinery belting processed from cotton; exemption from tax. 622. Omitted. 623. Actions relating to tax; legalization of prior taxes. 624. Limitation on imports; authority of President. 625. Repealed. 626. Import inventory. 627. Dairy forward pricing pilot program. SUBCHAPTER IV—REFUNDS 641 to 659. Omitted.


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