GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1281. Short title. 1282. Declaration of policy. 1282a. Emergency supply of agricultural products. SUBCHAPTER I—ADJUSTMENT IN FREIGHT RATES, NEW USES AND MARKETS, AND DISPOSITION OF SURPLUSES 1291. Adjustments in freight rates. 1292. New uses and markets for commodities. 1293. Transferred. SUBCHAPTER II—LOANS, PARITY PAYMENTS, CONSUMER SAFEGUARDS, MARKETING QUOTAS, AND MARKETING CERTIFICATES
Part A—Definitions, Loans, Parity Payments, and Consumer Safeguards

1301. Definitions. 1301a. References to parity prices, etc., in other laws after January 1, 1950. 1301b, 1302. Repealed. 1303. Parity payments. 1304. Consumer safeguards. 1305. Transfer of acreage allotments or feed grain bases on public lands upon request of State agencies. 1306. Projected yields; determination; base period. 1307. Limitation on payments under wheat, feed grains, and cotton programs for 1974 through 1977 crops. 1308. Payment limitations. 1308–1. Notification of interests; payments limited to active farmers. 1308–2. Denial of program benefits. 1308–3. Foreign persons made ineligible for program benefits. 1308–3a. Adjusted gross income limitation. 1308–4. Education program. 1308–5. Treatment of multiyear program contract payments. 1308a. Cost reduction options. 1309. Normally planted acreage and target prices. 1310. American agriculture protection program. 1310a. Normal supply of commodity for 1986 through 1995 crops.
Part B—Marketing Quotas

subpart i—marketing quotas—tobacco

1311 to 1316. Repealed.
subpart ii—acreage allotments—corn

1321. Legislative finding of effect on interstate and foreign commerce and necessity of regulation. 1322 to 1325. Repealed. 1326. Adjustment of farm marketing quotas. 1327 to 1329. Omitted. 1329a. Discontinuance of acreage allotments on corn. 1330. Omitted.
subpart iii—marketing quotas—wheat

1331. Legislative finding of effect on interstate and foreign commerce and necessity of regulation. 1332. National marketing quota. 1333. National acreage allotment. 1334. Apportionment of national acreage allotment. 1334a. Omitted. 1334a–1. Summer fallow farms; upper limit on required set aside acreage for 1971 through 1977 wheat, feed grain, and cotton crops. 1334b. Designation of States outside commercial wheat-producing areas. 1335. Small-farm exemption; small-farm base acreage; election; acreage allotment; land-use provisions; price support; wheat marketing certificates. 1336. Referendum. 1337. Repealed. 1338. Transfer of quotas. 1339. Land use. 1339a. Repealed. 1339b. Wheat diversion programs; credits in establishment of State, county and farm acreage allotments for wheat. 1339c. Feed grains diversion programs for 1964 and subsequent years; feed grain acreage considered wheat acreage and wheat acreage considered feed grain acreage. 1339d. Hay production on set-aside or diverted acreage; storage; emergency use; loans. 1340. Supplemental provisions relating to wheat marketing quotas; marketing penalty for rice; crop loans on cotton, wheat, rice, tobacco, and peanuts.
subpart iv—marketing quotas—cotton

1341. Legislative findings. 1342. National marketing quota; proclamation; amount; date of proclamation. 1342a. National cotton production goal. 1343. Referendum. 1344. Apportionment of national acreage allotments. 1344a. Exclusion of 1949 acreage in computation of future allotments. 1344b. Sale, lease, or transfer of cotton acreage allotments. 1345. Farm marketing quotas; farm marketing excess. 1346. Penalties. 1347. Repealed. 1348. Payments in kind to equalize cost of cotton to domestic and foreign users; rules and regulations; termination date; persons eligible; amount; terms and conditions; raw cotton in inventory. 1349. Export market acreage. 1350. National base acreage allotment. 1350a. Repealed.
subpart v—marketing quotas—rice

1351 to 1356. Omitted or Repealed.
subpart vi—marketing quotas—peanuts

1357 to 1359a. Repealed.
subpart vii—flexible marketing allotments for sugar

1359aa. Definitions. 1359bb. Flexible marketing allotments for sugar. 1359cc. Establishment of flexible marketing allotments. 1359dd. Allocation of marketing allotments. 1359ee. Reassignment of deficits. 1359ff. Provisions applicable to producers. 1359gg. Special rules. 1359hh. Regulations; violations; publication of Secretary’s determinations; jurisdiction of the courts; United States attorneys. 1359ii. Appeals. 1359jj. Administration. 1359kk. Administration of tariff rate quotas. 1359ll. Period of effectiveness.
Part C—Administrative Provisions

subpart i—publication and review of quotas

1361. Application of subpart. 1362. Publication of marketing quota; mailing of allotment notice. 1363. Review of quota; review committee. 1364. Compensation of review committee. 1365. Institution of proceeding for court review of committee findings. 1366. Court review. 1367. Stay of proceedings and exclusive jurisdiction. 1368. Effect of increase on other quotas.
subpart ii—adjustment of quotas and enforcement

1371. General adjustment of quotas. 1372. Payment, collection, and refund of penalties. 1373. Reports and records. 1374. Measurement of farms and report of plantings; remeasurement. 1375. Regulations. 1376. Court jurisdiction; duties of United States attorneys; remedies and penalties as additional. 1377. Preservation of unused acreage allotments. 1378. Transfer of acreage allotments ensuing from agency acquisition of farmlands. 1379. Reconstitution of farms.
Part D—Wheat Marketing Allocation

1379a. Legislative findings. 1379b. Wheat marketing allocation; amount; national allocation percentage; commercial and noncommercial wheat-producing areas. 1379c. Marketing certificates. 1379d. Marketing restrictions. 1379e. Assistance in purchase and sale of marketing certificates; regulations; administrative expenses; interest. 1379f. Conversion factors. 1379g. Authority to facilitate transition. 1379h. Applicability of provisions to designated persons; reports and records; examinations by the Secretary. 1379i. Penalties. 1379j. Regulations.
Part E—Rice Certificates

1380a to 1380p. Omitted.
Part F—Miscellaneous Provisions and Appropriations

subpart i—miscellaneous

1381 to 1382. Omitted. 1383. Insurance of cotton; reconcentration. 1383a. Written consent for reconcentration of cotton. 1384. Repealed. 1385. Finality of payments and loans; substitution of beneficiaries. 1386. Exemption from laws prohibiting interest of Members of Congress in contracts. 1387. Photographic reproductions and maps. 1388. Utilization of local agencies. 1389. Personnel. 1390. Separability.
subpart ii—appropriations and administrative expenses

1391. Authorization of appropriations; loans from Commodity Credit Corporation. 1392. Administrative expenses; posting names and compensation of local employees. 1393. Allotment of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER III—COTTON POOL PARTICIPATION TRUST CERTIFICATES 1401 to 1407. Omitted.


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