SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1621. Congressional declaration of purpose; use of existing facilities; cooperation with States. 1622. Duties of Secretary relating to agricultural products. 1622a. Authority to assist farmers and elevator operators. 1622b. Specialty crops market news allocation. 1622c. Grant program to improve movement of specialty crops. 1623. Authorization of appropriations; allotments to States. 1623a. Omitted. 1624. Cooperation with Government and State agencies, private research organizations, etc.; rules and regulations. 1625. Transfer and consolidation of functions, powers, bureaus, etc. 1626. Definitions. 1627. Appointment of personnel; compensation; employment of specialists. 1628. Repealed. 1629. Establishment of committees to assist in research and service programs. 1630. Omitted. 1631. Protection for purchasers of farm products. 1632. Repealed. 1632a. Value-added agricultural product market development grants. 1632b. Agriculture Innovation Center Demonstration Program. SUBCHAPTER II—LIVESTOCK MANDATORY REPORTING
Part A—Purpose; Definitions

1635. Purpose. 1635a. Definitions.
Part B—Cattle Reporting

1635d. Definitions. 1635e. Mandatory reporting for live cattle. 1635f. Mandatory packer reporting of boxed beef sales.
Part C—Swine Reporting

1635i. Definitions. 1635j. Mandatory reporting for swine. § 1635k. Mandatory reporting of wholesale pork cuts.
Part D—Lamb Reporting

1635m. Mandatory reporting for lambs.
Part E—Administration

1636. General provisions. 1636a. Unlawful acts. 1636b. Enforcement. 1636c. Fees. 1636d. Recordkeeping. 1636e. Voluntary reporting. 1636f. Publication of information on retail purchase prices for representative meat products. 1636g. Suspension authority regarding specific terms of price reporting requirements. 1636h. Federal preemption. SUBCHAPTER III—DAIRY PRODUCT MANDATORY REPORTING 1637. Purpose. 1637a. Definitions. 1637b. Mandatory reporting for dairy products. SUBCHAPTER IV—COUNTRY OF ORIGIN LABELING 1638. Definitions. 1638a. Notice of country of origin. 1638b. Enforcement. 1638c. Regulations. 1638d. Applicability.


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