7 U.S. Code Chapter 50 - AGRICULTURAL CREDIT

Sec. 1921. Congressional findings. SUBCHAPTER I—REAL ESTATE LOANS 1922. Persons eligible for real estate loans. 1923. Purposes of loans. 1924. Conservation loan and loan guarantee program. 1925. Limitations on amount of farm ownership loans. 1926. Water and waste facility loans and grants. 1926–1. Repealed. 1926a. Emergency and imminent community water assistance grant program. 1926b. Repealed. 1926c. Water and waste facility loans and grants to alleviate health risks. 1926d. Water systems for rural and Native villages in Alaska. 1926e. Grants to nonprofit organizations to finance the construction, refurbishing, and servicing of individually-owned household water well systems in rural areas for individuals with low or moderate incomes. 1926f. Contracts with not-for-profit third parties. 1927. Repayment requirements. 1927a. Loan interest rates charged by Farmers Home Administration; grant funds associated with loans. 1928. Full faith and credit. 1929. Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund. 1929–1. Level of loan programs under Agricultural Credit Insurance Fund. 1929a. Rural Development Insurance Fund 1929b. Purchase of guaranteed portions of loans; terms and conditions; exercise of authorities. 1930. Continued availability of appropriated funds for direct real estate loans to farmers and ranchers. 1931. Repealed. 1932. Assistance for rural entities. 1933. Guaranteed rural housing loans; Hawaiian home lands. 1934. Low-income farm ownership loan program; eligibility; repayment requirements. 1935. Down payment loan program. 1936. Beginning farmer or rancher and socially disadvantaged farmer or rancher contract land sales program. 1936a. Use of rural development loans and grants for other purposes. SUBCHAPTER II—OPERATING LOANS 1941. Persons eligible for loans. 1942. Purposes of loans. 1943. Limitations on amount of operating loans. 1944. Soil conservation district loans; limitation; purchase of conservation equipment. 1945. Repealed. 1946. Liability of borrower. 1947, 1948. Repealed. 1949. Graduation of borrowers with operating loans or guarantees to private commercial credit. SUBCHAPTER III—EMERGENCY LOANS 1961. Eligibility for loans. 1962. Loan determination factors; written credit declinations. 1963. Purpose and extent of loans. 1964. Terms of loans. 1965. Repealed. 1966. Emergency Credit Revolving Fund utilization. 1967. Addition to Emergency Credit Revolving Fund of sums from liquidation of loans; authorization of appropriations. 1968, 1969. Repealed. 1970. Eligibility for assistance based on production loss. 1971. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER IV—ADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 1981. Farmers Home Administration. 1981a. Loan moratorium and policy on foreclosures. 1981b. Farm loan interest rates. 1981c. Oil and gas royalty payments on loans. 1981d. Notice of loan service programs. 1981e. Planting and production history guidelines. 1981f. Underwriting forms and standards. 1982. Relief for mobilized military reservists from certain agricultural loan obligations. 1983. Special conditions and limitations on loans. 1983a. Prompt approval of loans and loan guarantees. 1983b. Beginning farmer and rancher individual development accounts pilot program. 1983c. Provision of information to borrowers. 1984. Taxation. 1985. Security servicing. 1986. Conflicts of interests. 1987. Debt adjustment and credit counseling; “summary period” defined; loan summary statements. 1988. Appropriations. 1989. Rules and regulations. 1990. Transfer of lands to Secretary. 1991. Definitions. 1992. Loan limitations. 1993. Transition to private commercial or other sources of credit. 1994. Maximum amounts for loans authorized; long-term cost projections. 1995. Participation and financial and technical assistance by other Federal departments, etc., to program participants. 1996. Loans to resident aliens. 1997. Conservation easements. 1998. Guaranteed farm loan programs. 1999. Interest rate reduction program. 2000. Homestead protection. 2001. Debt restructuring and loan servicing. 2001a. Debt restructuring and loan servicing for community facility loans. 2002. Transfer of inventory lands. 2003. Target participation rates. 2004. Expedited clearing of title to inventory property. 2005. Payment of losses on guaranteed loans. 2006. Waiver of mediation rights by borrowers. 2006a. Borrower training. 2006b. Loan assessments. 2006c. Supervised credit. 2006d. Market placement. 2006e. Prohibition on use of loans for certain purposes. 2006f. Rural development certified lenders program. 2007 to 2007e. Repealed. 2008. Rural development and farm loan program activities. 2008a to 2008c. Repealed. 2008d. Recordkeeping of loans by borrower’s gender. 2008e. Prohibition under rural development programs. 2008f. Crop insurance requirement. 2008g. Payment of interest as condition of loan servicing for borrowers. 2008h. Loan and loan servicing limitations. 2008i. Short form certification of farm program borrower compliance. 2008j. National Sheep Industry Improvement Center. 2008k. Making and servicing of loans by personnel of State, county, or area committees. 2008l. Eligibility of employees of State, county, or area committee for loans and loan guarantees. 2008m. National Rural Development Partnership. 2008n. Rural telework. 2008o. Historic barn preservation. 2008p. Grants for NOAA weather radio transmitters. 2008q. Grants to train farm workers in new technologies and to train farm workers in specialized skills necessary for higher value crops. 2008q–1. Grants to improve supply, stability, safety, and training of agricultural labor force. 2008r. Delta region agricultural economic development. 2008s. Rural microentrepreneur assistance program. 2008t. Grants for expansion of employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in rural areas. 2008u. Health care services. SUBCHAPTER V—RURAL COMMUNITY ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM 2009. Definitions. 2009a. Establishment. 2009b. National objectives. 2009c. Strategic plans. 2009d. Rural Development Trust Fund. 2009e. Transfers of funds. 2009f. Grants to States. 2009g. Guarantee and commitment to guarantee loans. 2009h. Local involvement. 2009i. Interstate collaboration. 2009j. Annual report. 2009k. Rural development interagency working group. 2009l. Duties of Rural Economic and Community Development State Offices. 2009m. Electronic transfer. 2009n. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VI—DELTA REGIONAL AUTHORITY 2009aa. Definitions. 2009aa–1. Delta Regional Authority. 2009aa–2. Economic and community development grants. 2009aa–3. Supplements to Federal grant programs. 2009aa–4. Local development districts; certification and administrative expenses. 2009aa–5. Distressed counties and areas and nondistressed counties. 2009aa–6. Development planning process. 2009aa–7. Program development criteria. 2009aa–8. Approval of development plans and projects. 2009aa–9. Consent of States. 2009aa–10. Records. 2009aa–11. Annual report. 2009aa–12. Authorization of appropriations. 2009aa–13. Termination of authority. SUBCHAPTER VII—NORTHERN GREAT PLAINS REGIONAL AUTHORITY 2009bb. Definitions. 2009bb–1. Northern Great Plains Regional Authority. 2009bb–1a.  Interstate cooperation for economic opportunity and efficiency. 2009bb–2. Economic and community development grants. 2009bb–3. Supplements to Federal grant programs. 2009bb–4. Multistate and local development districts and organizations and Northern Great Plains Inc. 2009bb–5. Distressed counties and areas and nondistressed counties. 2009bb–6. Development planning process. 2009bb–7. Program development criteria. 2009bb–8. Approval of development plans and projects. 2009bb–9. Consent of States. 2009bb–10. Records. 2009bb–11. Annual report. 2009bb–12. Authorization of appropriations. 2009bb–13. Termination of authority. SUBCHAPTER VIII—RURAL BUSINESS INVESTMENT PROGRAM 2009cc. Definitions. 2009cc–1. Purposes. 2009cc–2. Establishment. 2009cc–3. Selection of rural business investment companies. 2009cc–4. Debentures. 2009cc–5. Issuance and guarantee of trust certificates. 2009cc–6. Fees. 2009cc–7. Operational assistance grants. 2009cc–8. Rural business investment companies. 2009cc–9. Financial institution investments. 2009cc–10. Reporting requirements. 2009cc–11. Examinations. 2009cc–12. Injunctions and other orders. 2009cc–13. Additional penalties for noncompliance. 2009cc–14. Unlawful acts and omissions; breach of fiduciary duty. 2009cc–15. Removal or suspension of directors or officers. 2009cc–16. Repealed. 2009cc–17. Regulations. 2009cc–18. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER IX—RURAL COLLABORATIVE INVESTMENT PROGRAM 2009dd. Purpose. 2009dd–1. Definitions. 2009dd–2. Establishment and administration of Rural Collaborative Investment Program. 2009dd–3. Regional Rural Investment Boards. 2009dd–4. Regional investment strategy grants. 2009dd–5. Regional innovation grants program. 2009dd–6. Rural endowment loans program. 2009dd–7. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER X—SEARCH GRANTS FOR SMALL COMMUNITIES 2009ee to 2009ee–3. Repealed.


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