Part A—Organization and Publications

Sec. 2321. Establishment. 2322. Seal. 2323. Organization. 2324. Restrictions on employees as to interest in plant variety protection. 2325. Repealed. 2326. Regulations. 2327. Plant Variety Protection Board. 2328. Library. 2329. Register of protected plant varieties. 2330. Publications. 2331. Copies for public libraries.
Part B—Legal Provisions as to the Plant Variety Protection Office

2351. Day for taking action falling on Saturday, Sunday, or holiday. 2352. Form of papers filed. 2353. Testimony in Plant Variety Protection Office cases. 2354. Subpoenas; witnesses. 2355. Effect of defective execution. 2356. Regulations for practice before the Office. 2357. Unauthorized practice.
Part C—Plant Variety Protection Fees

2371. Plant variety protection fees. 2372. Payment of plant variety protection fees; return of excess amounts. SUBCHAPTER II—PROTECTABILITY OF PLANT VARIETIES AND CERTIFICATES OF PROTECTION
Part D—Protectability of Plant Varieties

2401. Definitions and rules of construction. 2402. Right to plant variety protection; plant varieties protectable. 2403. Reciprocity limits. 2404. Public interest in wide usage.
Part E—Applications; Form; Who May File; Relating Back; Confidentiality

2421. Application for recognition of plant variety rights. 2422. Content of application. 2423. Joint breeders. 2424. Death or incapacity of breeder. 2425. Benefit of earlier filing date. 2426. Confidential status of application. 2427. Publication.
Part F—Examinations; Response Time; Initial Appeals

2441. Examination of application. 2442. Notice of refusal; reconsideration. 2443. Initial appeal.
Part G—Appeals to Courts and Other Review

2461. Appeals. 2462. Civil action against Secretary. 2463. Repealed.
Part H—Certificates of Plant Variety Protection

2481. Plant variety protection. 2482. How issued. 2483. Contents and term of plant variety protection. 2484. Correction of Plant Variety Protection Office mistake. 2485. Correction of applicant’s mistake. 2486. Correction of named breeder.
Part I—Reexamination After Issue, and Contested Proceedings

2501. Reexamination after issue. 2502, 2503. Repealed. 2504. Interfering plant variety protection. SUBCHAPTER III—PLANT VARIETY PROTECTION AND RIGHTS
Part J—Ownership and Assignment

2531. Ownership and assignment. 2532. Ownership during testing.
Part K—Infringement of Plant Variety Protection

2541. Infringement of plant variety protection. 2542. Grandfather clause. 2543. Right to save seed; crop exemption. 2544. Research exemption. 2545. Intermediary exemption.
Part L—Remedies for Infringement of Plant Variety Protection, and Other Actions

2561. Remedy for infringement of plant variety protection. 2562. Presumption of validity; defenses. 2563. Injunction. 2564. Damages. 2565. Attorney fees. 2566. Time limitation on damages. 2567. Limitation of damages; marking and notice. 2568. False marking; cease and desist orders. 2569. Nonresident proprietors; service and notice. 2570. Liability of States, instrumentalities of States, and State officials for infringement of plant variety protection.
Part M—Intent and Severability

2581. Intent. 2582. Severability. 2583. Repealed.


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