SUBCHAPTER I—FINDINGS, PURPOSES, AND DEFINITIONS Sec. 3101. Purposes of agricultural research, extension, and education. 3102. Additional purposes of agricultural research and extension. 3103. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER II—COORDINATION AND PLANNING OF AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH, EXTENSION, AND TEACHING 3121. Responsibilities of Secretary and Department of Agriculture. 3122. Repealed. 3123. National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board. 3123a. Specialty crop committee. 3123b. Renewable energy committee. 3124. Existing research programs. 3124a. Federal-State partnership and coordination. 3125. Annual report of Secretary of Agriculture to President and Congress. 3125a. National Agricultural Library. 3125b. National Rural Information Center Clearinghouse. 3125c. Repealed. 3126. Libraries and information network. 3127. Support for Advisory Board. 3128. General provisions. 3129. Accountability. 3129a. Federal Advisory Committee Act exemption for competitive research, extension, and education programs. 3130. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER III—AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH AND EDUCATION GRANTS AND FELLOWSHIPS 3151. Grants to enhance research capacity in schools of veterinary medicine. 3151a. Veterinary medicine loan repayment. 3152. Grants and fellowships for food and agricultural sciences education. 3153. National Agricultural Science Award. 3154. Repealed. 3155. Policy research centers. 3156. Education grants to Alaska Native serving institutions and Native Hawaiian serving institutions. SUBCHAPTER IV—NATIONAL FOOD AND HUMAN NUTRITION RESEARCH AND EXTENSION PROGRAM 3171. Congressional findings and declaration of policy. 3172. Duties of Secretary of Agriculture. 3173. Research by Department of Agriculture. 3174. Human nutrition intervention and health promotion research program. 3174a. Pilot research program to combine medical and agricultural research. 3175. Nutrition education program. 3175a. Nutrition and consumer education; Congressional findings. 3175b. Expansion of effective food, nutrition, and consumer education services. 3175c. Program of food, nutrition, and consumer education by State cooperative extension services. 3175d. Administration of program of food, nutrition, and consumer education by State cooperative extension services. 3175e. Authorization of appropriations. 3176, 3177. Repealed. 3178. Nutritional status monitoring. 3178a. Nutrition monitoring. 3179. Research on strategies to promote the selection and consumption of healthy foods. SUBCHAPTER V—ANIMAL HEALTH AND DISEASE RESEARCH 3191. Purposes and findings relating to animal health and disease research. 3192. Definitions. 3193. Authorization to Secretary of Agriculture. 3194. Repealed. 3195. Continuing animal health and disease research programs. 3196. Research on national and regional animal health or disease problems. 3197. Availability of appropriated funds. 3198. Withholding of appropriated funds. 3199. Requirements for use of funds. 3200. Matching funds. 3201. Funds appropriated or otherwise made available pursuant to other provisions of law. 3202. Research and education grants for the study of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. SUBCHAPTER VI—1890 LAND-GRANT COLLEGE FUNDING 3221. Extension at 1890 land-grant colleges, including Tuskegee University. 3222. Agricultural research at 1890 land-grant colleges, including Tuskegee University. 3222a. Repealed. 3222b. Grants to upgrade agricultural and food sciences facilities at 1890 land-grant colleges, including Tuskegee University. 3222b–1. Grants to upgrade agriculture and food sciences facilities at the District of Columbia land-grant university. 3222b–2. Grants to upgrade agriculture and food sciences facilities and equipment at insular area land-grant institutions. 3222c. National research and training virtual centers. 3222d. Matching funds requirement for research and extension activities at eligible institutions. 3223. Grants for acquisition and improvement of research facilities and equipment. 3224. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER VII—PROGRAMS FOR HISPANIC, ALASKA NATIVE, AND NATIVE HAWAIIAN SERVING INSTITUTIONS 3241. Education grants programs for Hispanic-serving institutions. 3242. Transferred. 3243. Hispanic-serving agricultural colleges and universities. SUBCHAPTER VIII—INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH, EXTENSION, AND TEACHING 3291. International agricultural research, extension, and teaching. 3292. Repealed. 3292a. United States-Mexico joint agricultural research. 3292b. Competitive grants for international agricultural science and education programs. 3293. Agricultural fellowship program for middle income countries, emerging democracies, and emerging markets. 3294. Center For North American Studies. SUBCHAPTER IX—STUDIES 3301 to 3304. Repealed. SUBCHAPTER X—FUNDING AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 3310. Limitation on indirect costs for agricultural research, education, and extension programs. 3310a. Research equipment grants. 3311. Authorization of appropriations. 3312. Authorization of appropriations for extension education. 3313. Payment of funds. 3314. Repealed. 3315. Auditing, reporting, bookkeeping, and administrative requirements. 3315a. Availability of competitive grant funds. 3316. Rules and regulations. 3317. Program evaluation studies. 3318. Contract, grant, and cooperative agreement authorities. 3319. Restriction on treatment of indirect costs and tuition remission. 3319a. Cost-reimbursable agreements. 3319b. Joint requests for proposals. 3319c. Repealed. 3319d. Supplemental and alternative crops. 3319e. New Era Rural Technology Program. 3319f. Beginning farmer and rancher development program. 3319g. Fees. 3319h. Funds for research facilities. 3319i. Capacity building grants for NLGCA Institutions. 3319j. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program. SUBCHAPTER XI—AQUACULTURE 3321. Statement of purpose. 3322. Assistance programs. 3323. Repealed. 3324. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER XII—RANGELAND RESEARCH 3331. Congressional statement of purpose. 3332. Program; development, purposes, scope, etc. 3333. Rangeland research grants. 3334, 3335. Repealed. 3336. Authorization of appropriations; allocation of funds. SUBCHAPTER XIII—BIOSECURITY 3351. Special authorization for biosecurity planning and response. 3352. Agriculture research facility expansion and security upgrades. 3353. Agricultural biosecurity. 3354. Agricultural bioterrorism research and development. SUBCHAPTER XIV—INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION IN INSULAR AREAS 3361. Definition. 3362. Distance education grants for insular areas. 3363. Resident instruction grants for insular areas.


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