Sec. 6901. Purpose. 6902. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—GENERAL REORGANIZATION AUTHORITIES 6911. Transfer of Department functions to Secretary of Agriculture. 6912. Authority of Secretary to delegate transferred functions. 6913. Reductions in number of Department personnel. 6914. Consolidation of headquarters offices. 6915. Combination of field offices. 6916. Improvement of information sharing. 6917. Reports by Secretary. 6918. Assistant Secretaries of Agriculture. 6919. Repealed. 6920. Office of Energy Policy and New Uses. SUBCHAPTER II—FARM AND FOREIGN AGRICULTURAL SERVICES 6931. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services. 6932. Consolidated Farm Service Agency. 6932a. Prohibition on closure or relocation of county offices for the Farm Service Agency. 6933. Office of Risk Management. 6934. Office of Advocacy and Outreach. SUBCHAPTER III—RURAL ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT 6941. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Rural Development. 6941a. Coordinator for Chronically Underserved Rural Areas. 6942. Rural Utilities Service. 6943. Rural Housing and Community Development Service. 6944. Rural Business and Cooperative Development Service. 6945. Rural Development Disaster Assistance Fund. SUBCHAPTER IV—FOOD, NUTRITION, AND CONSUMER SERVICES 6951. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services. SUBCHAPTER V—NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT 6961. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and Environment. 6962. Natural Resources Conservation Service. 6962a. Cooperative agreements. 6963. Reorganization of Forest Service. SUBCHAPTER VI—RESEARCH, EDUCATION, AND ECONOMICS 6971. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education, and Economics. 6972. Program staff. SUBCHAPTER VII—FOOD SAFETY 6981. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food Safety. 6982. Conditions for implementation of alterations in the level of additives allowed in animal diets. SUBCHAPTER VIII—NATIONAL APPEALS DIVISION 6991. Definitions. 6992. National Appeals Division and Director. 6993. Transfer of functions. 6994. Notice and opportunity for hearing. 6995. Informal hearings. 6996. Right of participants to Division hearing. 6997. Division hearings. 6998. Director review of determinations of hearing officers. 6999. Judicial review. 7000. Implementation of final determinations of Division. 7001. Conforming amendments relating to National Appeals Division. 7002. Authorization of appropriations. SUBCHAPTER VIII–A—MARKETING AND REGULATORY PROGRAMS 7005. Under Secretary of Agriculture for Marketing and Regulatory Programs. SUBCHAPTER IX—MISCELLANEOUS REORGANIZATION PROVISIONS 7011. Successorship provisions relating to bargaining units and exclusive representatives. 7012. Purchase of American-made equipment and products. 7013. Proposed conforming amendments. 7014. Termination of authority. SUBCHAPTER X—FREEDOM TO E-FILE 7031. Electronic filing and retrieval. 7032. Accessing information and filing over the Internet. 7033. Availability of agency information technology funds. 7034. Federal Crop Insurance Corporation and Risk Management Agency. 7035. Confidentiality.


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