Sec. 1701. Definitions. SUBCHAPTER I—FUNDING 1711. Authorization of appropriations for hiring and training Government personnel. 1712. Authorization of appropriations for improvements in technology and infrastructure. 1713. Machine-readable visa fees. 1714. Surcharges related to consular services. SUBCHAPTER II—INTERAGENCY INFORMATION SHARING 1721. Interim measures for access to and coordination of law enforcement and other information. 1722. Interoperable law enforcement and intelligence data system with name-matching capacity and training. 1723. Commission on Interoperable Data Sharing. 1724. Personnel management authorities for positions involved in the development and implementation of the interoperable electronic data system (“Chimera system”). SUBCHAPTER III—VISA ISSUANCE 1731. Implementation of an integrated entry and exit data system. 1732. Machine-readable, tamper-resistant entry and exit documents. 1733. Terrorist lookout committees. 1734. Improved training for consular officers. 1735. Restriction on issuance of visas to nonimmigrants from countries that are state sponsors of international terrorism. 1736. Check of lookout databases. 1737. Tracking system for stolen passports. 1738. Identification documents for certain newly admitted aliens. SUBCHAPTER IV—INSPECTION AND ADMISSION OF ALIENS 1751. Study of the feasibility of a North American National Security Program. 1752. Staffing levels at ports of entry. 1752a. Model ports-of-entry. 1753. Joint United States-Canada projects for alternative inspections services. SUBCHAPTER V—FOREIGN STUDENTS AND EXCHANGE VISITORS 1761. Foreign student monitoring program. 1762. Review of institutions and other entities authorized to enroll or sponsor certain nonimmigrants. SUBCHAPTER VI—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS 1771. General Accounting Office study. 1772. International cooperation. 1773. Statutory construction. 1774. Annual report on aliens who fail to appear after release on own recognizance. 1775. Retention of nonimmigrant visa applications by the Department of State. 1776. Training program. 1777. Establishment of Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center. 1778. Vulnerability and threat assessment.


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