Sara S. Frug

Sara S. Frug
Sara S. Frug


Sara S. Frug, Co-Director

Sara wrangles projects for LII, where she has been working from time immemorial. Although rumors persist of a dot-com stint and a research post at Harvard Business School, she remains skeptical. She has supervised the LII Supreme Court Bulletin, brought the site into compliance with accessibility guidelines, and built out the content management system for the Wex legal dictionary / encyclopedia. More recently, she has run engineering work on the LII's version of the CFR and supervised related student projects, including:

Visualization: Hydraulic Fracturing and the Law

Hydrofracking Law visualization superimposing maps of shale, wells, and legal activity

Linked Data for Regulated Products

 pseudoephedrine chemical diagram, characteristics, legal context

Linked Data for Securities Lawyer's Deskbook

Linked data network connecting statutes, regulations, federal agencies

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