accidents & injuries (tort law)

loss   (Wex page)
Loss of consortium   (Wex page)
loss of use   (Wex page)
Maim   (Wex page)
Make One Whole   (Wex page)
Malfeasance   (Wex page)
Malicious Prosecution   (Wex page)
Malpractice   (Wex page)
Manufacturing Defect   (Wex page)
Marital Tort   (Wex page)
Mass Tort   (Wex page)
Mental Anguish   (Wex page)
Mental Suffering   (Wex page)
Merged Causes   (Wex page)
Money Damages   (Wex page)
Money Demand   (Wex page)
Mordeduras de perro   (Wex page)
Muerte Por Negligencia   (Wex page)
Multidistrict Litigation   (Wex page)
Necessity defense   (Wex page)
Negligence   (Wex page)
negligence per se   (Wex page)
Negligencia dental   (Wex page)
Negligencia médica   (Wex page)
Negligent   (Wex page)
negligent tort   (Wex page)
NIED   (Wex page)
nominal damages   (Wex page)
nonfeasance   (Wex page)
Nuisance   (Wex page)
occupational disease   (Wex page)
offset   (Wex page)
one-bite rule   (Wex page)
One-satisfaction rule   (Wex page)


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