Maritime Lien

Name for a category of liens that stem from admiralty law and do not necessarily depend on a contract or local statute for their existence. A common feature of maritime liens is that they attach to the item of property itself (most often, a ship or...

partially secured debt

A partially secured debt is a form of secured debt in which debt is backed by collateral with a value lesser than that of the full debt owed. Also known as undersecured debt. Such a debt can be illustrated, for example, with a home valued at...


A passenger is an occupant of a car, train, boat, airplane, or other transportation vehicle other than the person operating it or a member of the crew. Generally, a passenger is owed a duty of care by a carrier. However, some states draw a...

Piracy (Maritime)

Piracy is when non-state actors commit war-like acts against ships. In the United States, piracy is governed by admiralty law. Piracy is prohibited by both United States and international law.

At present, prosecuting pirates presents several...

private carrier

A carrier refers to an individual or organization that contracts to transport passengers or goods for a fee. The common law recognizes two types of carriers: common carriers and private carriers.

A private carrier, also...


Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionaryA term in admiralty law, referring to a lawyer.

Definition provided by Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary.