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What is a Tontine?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a “tontine” is: “A financial scheme by which the subscribers to a loan or common fund receive each an annuity during his life, which increases as their number is...

tortious interference

Tortious interference is a common law tort allowing a claim for damages against a defendant who wrongfully interferes with the plaintiff's contractual or business relationships.

See also intentional interference with contractual relations.

Trade Regulation

Trade Regulation: an overview

The terms commerce and trade are often used interchangeably, with commerce referring to large-scale business activity and trade describing commercial traffic within a state or a community. The U.S. Constitution, through...


Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionaryAn event associated with the transfer of an amount of money (debit or credit) in the operation of a business.

Definition provided by Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary.

Tying arrangement


An agreement in which the seller conditions the sale of one product (the "tying" product) on the buyer's agreement to purchase a separate product (the "tied" product) from the seller. Alternatively, it is also considered a tying arrangement...



Unincorporated business organization. See: Massachusetts trust.


The Uniform Commercial Code.

UCC Financing Statement

Also known as a UCC-1 Form, this is a standardized form that a lender files with the state to secure their interest in collateral from a borrower.

When a lender lends money to a borrower, they often ask for collateral to secure the loan....

UCC-1 Form

See: UCC Financing Statement


A defense against the enforcement of a contract or portion of a contract. If a contract is unfair or oppressive to one party in a way that suggests abuses during its formation, a court may find it unconscionable and refuse to enforce it. A contract...