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whole life insurance


Life insurance coverage that runs for the insured’s natural life. Whole life insurance provides both term life insurance and a savings plan (i.e., accumulation of “cash value” or “surrender value”) that allows for the insured, at any time after an initial period but before the insured’s death, to surrender the policy for that value or sometimes to borrow against it without surrendering the policy. Also termed ordinary life insurance; straight life insurance; permanent insurance.


universal life insurance


A form of life insurance that offers flexible premiums, adjustable death benefits, and the ability of the insured to make partial withdrawals from the cash value. Universal life insurance policies generate cash value as the insured’s premium payments are invested into the insurer’s investment fund. The insurer pays the interest at a rate that is competitive with other investments, such as treasury bills, and the insured may use that interest to pay for his or her life insurance premiums.


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