commercial activities

secret warranty program

A program under which a car manufacturer will make repairs for free on vehicles with persistent problems, even after the warranty has expired, in order to avoid a recall and the accompanying bad press. Secret warranties are rarely advertised by the manufacturer, so consumers must pursue the manufacturer to discover and take advantage of them. A few states require manufacturers to notify car buyers when they adopt secret warranty programs.

secondary boycott

An attempt to stop others from purchasing products from, performing services for, or otherwise doing business with a company that does business with another company that is in the midst of a labor dispute. For example, if a grocery chain's clerks are on strike, and their union discourages a delivery drivers' union from moving the products of the chain's largest food supply companies, that would be a secondary boycott. The purpose of the secondary boycott is typically to exert indirect pressure on the employer to resolve the labor dispute by causing its business connections to suffer as a result of the dispute. Secondary boycotts are illegal under the National Labor Relations Act.


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