commercial activities


An agreement that a debtor and a creditor enter into after a debtor has filed for bankruptcy, in which the debtor agrees to repay all or part of an existing debt after the bankruptcy case is over. For instance, a debtor might make a reaffirmation agreement with the holder of a car note that the debtor can keep the car and must continue to pay the debt after bankruptcy.

public utility

Any organization which provides services to the general public, although it may be privately owned. Public utilities include electric, gas, telephone, water, and television cable systems, as well as streetcar and bus lines. Public utilities are allowed certain monopoly rights because of the practical need to service entire geographic areas with one system, but they are regulated by state, county, and city public utility commissions under state laws.



A formal written document that accompanies a new offering of a corporate security, meant to provide information to potential buyers of that security. It contains detailed information on the business' history, financial state, current business plans, the names of its directors and officers as well as any pending litigation it is involved in. The prospectus is usually an abridged version of the business' registration statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


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