courts and procedure

spontaneous exclamation   (Wex page)
Spousal immunity   (Wex page)
Statutory Construction   (Wex page)
stay   (Wex page)
stay of execution   (Wex page)
Stay of Proceedings   (Wex page)
submit   (Wex page)
Subornation of perjury   (Wex page)
subpena duces tecum   (Wex page)
Subpoena   (Wex page)
Subpoena duces tecum   (Wex page)
substantive law   (Wex page)
substituted service   (Wex page)
substitution of parties   (Wex page)
Subsume   (Wex page)
sufficient cause   (Wex page)
suit   (Wex page)
summary adjudication   (Wex page)
summation   (Wex page)
summons   (Wex page)
supersedeas   (Wex page)
Suppression   (Wex page)
surrebuttal   (Wex page)
swindle   (Wex page)
target witness   (Wex page)
temporary injunction   (Wex page)
Temporary receivership   (Wex page)
Territorial jurisdiction   (Wex page)
testify   (Wex page)
testimony   (Wex page)
Third-degree instruction   (Wex page)
third-party beneficiary   (Wex page)


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