Antenuptial Agreement

A contract entered into by two people who intend to marry. It includes provisions, such as spousal support and property distribution, in the event of a later divorce.


Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionaryA determination of the value of something, such as a house, jewelry, or stock. A professional appraiser -- a qualified, disinterested expert -- makes an estimate by examining the property, and looking at...


Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionaryTo professionally evaluate the value of property, such as real estate, jewelry, antique furniture, or securities; typically done in order to determine the value of assets for insurance coverage, divide...


Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionaryA professional who is hired to determine the current value of real estate or other property. Some appraisers specialize in residential houses for the purpose of setting a sales price or securing a...


Appreciate means to increase in value (the opposite of depreciate). It may also mean: to understand or recognize the value or significance of something or someone.

See also: appreciation.

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Appreciation is an increase in an asset’s value, usually due to inflation or other external economic factors (the opposite of depreciation).

In more common parlance, appreciation may also be recognition or understanding of...


In family law, arrearages refer to the debt owed, when the non-costudial parent and/or ex-spouse fails to make child and/or spousal support payments. Arrearages begin to accrue from the date of the first missed payment.


Debt that has accumulated and that has not yet been paid upon the due date. See arrearages.


An asset is something of value owned by an individual or organization. An asset can be physical property like a building or intangible property such as a patent. Assets are an important part of and differ in many areas of law.


Bilateral divorce

A valid divorce that is granted where both spouses are subject to personal jurisdiction in the jurisdiction where the divorce is granted, even if only one of the spouses is validly domiciled in that jurisdiction.