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The term competent is used in various contexts, including procedure, evidence, and employment. More generally, it refers to the ability to act in the circumstances, including the ability to perform a job or occupation, or to reason or make decisions...

Compos Mentis

Compos mentis is Latin for “having control/mastery of one’s mind.” The term is used to describe individuals who are of sound mind; those who are mentally competent and capable of managing their own affairs; those who have use of and control...


When a person voluntarily and willfully agrees to undertake an action that another person suggests. The consenting person must possess sufficient mental capacity.


A conservatee is a person who needs a court appointed conservator to handle the conservatee’s financial and/or other daily life affairs because the conservatee is incompetent to handle them. The roles of conservator and conservatee follow from the...


A conservator is a court-appointed individual who handles financial or daily life affairs of a conservatee. The roles of conservator and conservatee follow from the legal concept of conservatorship which is similar to legal guardianship....


Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionaryA legal arrangement that gives an adult the court-ordered authority and responsibility to manage another adult's financial affairs.

Definition provided by Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary.


A contutor is a court appointed (i.e. by court order) or testamentary joint guardian of a ward. A ward is a person who cannot properly take care of themselves because of their age or legal incompetence. A person is legally incompetent when he...

Correctional Program

A type of program that combines supervision and educational training for criminal offenders. A correctional program may be offered as an option or as a mandatory part of one's sentence (as for a juvenile delinquent). Often staffed by volunteers from...


Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionarySee: conservator

Definition provided by Nolo’s Plain-English Law Dictionary.

Custodial Interference

Definition from Nolo’s Plain-English Law DictionaryThe taking of a child from a parent with the intent to interfere with that parent's physical custody of the child. This is a crime in most states, even if the taker also has custody rights.