patent law

Abandoned Application   (Wex page)
Anticipation   (Wex page)
Attorney of Record   (Wex page)
Cease and Desist Letter   (Wex page)
Claim   (Wex page)
Claims   (Wex page)
Clean Room   (Wex page)
Commercial Exploitation   (Wex page)
Counsel of Record   (Wex page)
Cross-licensing   (Wex page)
Design Patent   (Wex page)
Direct Infringement   (Wex page)
Doctrine of Equivalents   (Wex page)
Espionage   (Wex page)
Exclusive License   (Wex page)
Exhaustion   (Wex page)
Extradition   (Wex page)
Fair Use   (Wex page)
Indirect Infringement   (Wex page)
infringement   (Wex page)
interference   (Wex page)
Nonobvious   (Wex page)
Nonobviousness   (Wex page)
Novel   (Wex page)
Novelty   (Wex page)
one-year rule   (Wex page)
Patent   (Wex page)
Patent applied for   (Wex page)
patent claim   (Wex page)


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