property law


The process of acquiring misspellings of a domain name in the hopes of catching and exploiting traffic intended for another website. For example, a typosquatter might purchase domain names such as and and then demand money for referring customers under the Land's End affiliate program. Typosquatting is a variation of cybersquatting, an illegal practice in which a domain name is acquired in bad faith.

trust deed

The most common instrument of financing real estate purchases in California and some other states (most states use mortgages). The trust deed transfers the title to the property to a trustee -- often a title company -- who holds it as security for a loan. When the loan is paid off, the title is transferred (reconveyed) to the borrower. The trustee will not become involved in the arrangement unless the borrower defaults on the loan. At that point, the trustee can generally sell the property in a nonjudicial foreclosure and pay the lender from the proceeds.


Land between the high and low tides that is uncovered each day by tidal action. It belongs to the owner of the land that fronts on the sea at that point. 2) Land that is submerged below the low-tide point of the sea but is still the territory of a state or nation.


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