property law

Right of entry   (Wex page)
Right of Redemption   (Wex page)
right of representation   (Wex page)
Riparian doctrine   (Wex page)
Rule in Shelley's case   (Wex page)
running with the land   (Wex page)
salvage   (Wex page)
Security   (Wex page)
Seisin   (Wex page)
seizin   (Wex page)
self-proving will   (Wex page)
self-settled trust   (Wex page)
separate property   (Wex page)
servient estate   (Wex page)
servient tenement   (Wex page)
setback   (Wex page)
Settlor   (Wex page)
Shelley's case   (Wex page)
simple trust   (Wex page)
simultaneous death act   (Wex page)
skip person   (Wex page)
Slayer Rule   (Wex page)
small entity   (Wex page)
small estate   (Wex page)
sound recording   (Wex page)
specific bequest   (Wex page)
spendthrift clause   (Wex page)
spite fence   (Wex page)
springing interest   (Wex page)
statutory share   (Wex page)
straw man   (Wex page)


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