property law

Incentive Zoning

Incentive zoning allows landowners to essentially buy their way out from a land-use regulation for a pre-set price. This is distinguised from illegal contract zoning by the pre-set price (if the governing board has not pre-set the price, a landowner...

Incidents of Ownership

Any control over property. If you give away property but keep an incident of ownership -- for example, you give away an apartment building but retain the right to receive rent -- then legally, no gift has been made. This distinction can be important if...

Income in Respect of Decedent

Any income a deceased person would have received, had he or she lived.

Incorporeal Ownership

Not ownership of a thing, but ownership in a right related to a thing. For example, if you own piece of land, that is corporeal ownership. But if you own a right of way on that piece of land, that is incorporeal ownership.

See also: corporeal...


See: encumbrance


Incapable of being altered or voided, usually used to describe an absolute interest in real estate that cannot be changed.

Indefeasible Remainder

A remainder that is certain, not subject to any conditions

Example: "To my son and his heirs" as opposed to "To my son, if he does not marry"

See: Future Interest


1) Generally, any written agreement between two parties.

2) A real estate deed in which two parties agree to continuing obligations; for example, one party may agree to maintain the property and the other to make periodic payments.

3) In...

Inducement of Infringement

Any person who actively induces infringement of a patent is liable as an infringer. See 35 U.S.C. § 271(b).

Infringement by inducement is a form of secondary liability for patent infringement. A person who does not commit direct infringement...

infringement (of copyright)

The unauthorized use of a work that violates the owners copyrights (their rights to exclusive use of the work). For example, if a person bootlegs a movie from the theather are sells copies on the streets, they are infringing on the copyright of the...