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Alabama (see Title 33) Alaska- Title 30 Arizona (see Title 5, Chapter 3) Arkansas (see Title 27, Subtitle 7) California Connecticut- Title 15 Delaware - Title 23 Florida (see Titles XXII and XXIV) Georgia (searchable index - Title 52)...

Non-Judicial Foreclosure

Some jurisdictions allow lenders to foreclose property without getting a court order first. This is called a non-judicial foreclosure.

Non-judicial foreclosure is only available for deeds of trust with power-of-sale clauses. They are not...

Notice of Pendency

When a court considers a lawsuit involving real property, the court may issue a notice of pendency as a provisional remedy. This notice is filed with the property's deed at the county registry. Once the notice is filed, even if the land is sold or...

Power of Sale clause

Most deed of trust mortgages include a power-of-sale clause. This clause allows the trustees in deed of trust mortgages to do non-judicial foreclosures on delinquent borrowers - that is, foreclose without going to court.

See Mortgage Law.

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Alabama (see Title 35) Alaska- Title 34 Arizona- Title 33 Arkansas (see Title 18) Colorado (searchable index - Title 38) Connecticut (see Volume 12) Delaware - Title 25 District of Columbia Personal - Title 42 Real - Title 45...

Property tax

property tax: an overview

Taxes are sometimes classified as either specific or ad valorem. Specific taxes are of a fixed amount based on a number, or standard of weight or measurement. Ad valorem taxes are based on a fixed proportion of the value of the...

public property

Property owned by the government (or its agency), rather then by a private individual.

Examples include: parks, streets, sidewalks, libraries.

Purchase Money Mortgage

Sometimes, a person buying real property gives the seller a mortgage on the property as part of the deal to buy the property. This is called a purchase money mortgage, because this type of mortgage usually replaces part or all of the cash that the...

Qualified indorsement (endorsement)


An indorsement — the placement of a signature on the back of a negotiable instrument — coupled with an additional phrase, e.g. "without recourse" or "for deposit only," limiting the liability of the indorser (signer) in the event the...