property & real estate law

warehouseman's lien

A security interest that may be acquired in property by someone who provides storage services for that property. The failure to pay for services as agreed may allow the lien holder to keep possession of the property involved.

warranty deed

A type of deed where a grantor guarantees that the grantor holds clear title to a parcel of real estate and has a right to sell it to the grantee.


A fictional plot of land often used by legal scholars in discussions of real property law.

See also: blackacre

wildcard exemption

Wildcard exemption is one of a few exemptions the Federal government and state governments allow in bankruptcy that protects some of the debtor’s personal assets from creditors. In Federal bankruptcy and in states where the wildcard exemption...

writ of attachment

Writ of attachment refers to court approved seizures of defendant property early in a case to ensure the plaintiff can receive adequate damages. In order to receive a writ of attachment, a plaintiff must meet certain requirements, and the...

writ of garnishment

An order of the court. The court orders the seizure or attachment of a defendant's property (or that of a judgment debtor) that is in the possession or control of a third party. The person or corporation in possession of the property of the...