whole life insurance

Whole life insurance (also referred to as permanent life insurance) refers to life insurance policies that are meant to last until death and have an investment aspect. As long as the person pays the required premiums, the insurance policy...

Why not Wikipedia

At the outset we considered simply adding to the law entries in Wikipedia, but we decided against it, temporarily, for several reasons:

Wikipedia is designed to be a fairly closed system—tightly integrated and self-referential—and it somewhat...


According to 17 USC § 101 a widow is a person whose spouse died during their marriage and has not since remarried. Also known as a surviving spouse.

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widow's election

See: elective share

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A widower is a person whose spouse died during their marriage and has not since remarried.

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wildcard exemption

Wildcard exemption is one of a few exemptions the Federal government and state governments allow in bankruptcy that protects some of the debtor’s personal assets from creditors. In Federal bankruptcy and in states where the wildcard exemption...

wilful killing

"Wilful killing" is a war crime as codified in the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court. A prosecution for wilful killing must show the following elements:

A killing of one or more persons,who were protected under the Geneva Conventions...


A will is a legal document that states a testator’s wishes and instructions for managing and distributing their estate after death. In contrast, intestate succession is passing the property of the decedent according to the State’s intestacy...

will contest

A will contest is a probate proceeding where interested parties dispute the validity of a will. The most common legal grounds for disputing the validity of a will are undue influence by someone close to decedent, duress, revocation, mistake,...

will contract

Though transfers by will are normally donative, it is possible to use a will to form an obligatory, legally enforceable contract. A will contract is created when a promise is made and supported by consideration to leave property by will to the promisee...