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Ad Valorem Tax

Ad valorem is a Latin phrase that translates to “according to the value.” The essential characteristic of ad valorem tax is that it is proportional to the value of the underlying asset, unlike specific tax, where the tax amount remains constant,...


See: Americans with Disabilities Act


An attachment or exhibit to a document, such as a contract. For example, a contract to manufacture widgets may have an adendum listing the specifications for said widgets. As this modifies the original document, it should be signed or executed with...


See: Age Discrimination in Employment Act


See: Ademption


The failure of a bequest from a will because the property is no longer in the estate. For example, if the decedent leaves "My car to my niece", but owns no car at the time of death.

What the beneficiary actually receives in these situations...

Ademption by Extinction

Ademption by extinction occurs when a testator devises a specific piece of property in his will and the testator no longer owns that property at his death. That specifically devised property is therefore adeemed, and the devise fails.

Ademption by Satisfaction

The doctrine of ademption by satisfaction provides for the situation in which a testator decides to change the timing of a gift in order to permit the beneficiary to enjoy the benefits of the gift before the testator’s death. If a pecuniary gift is...

Adequate and Independent State Grounds

Refers to the standard used by the Supreme Court to determine if it will hear a case from a state court. The Supreme Court will hear a case from a state court only if the state court judgment turned on federal grounds. It will refuse jurisdiction if...

Adequate Remedy

An adequate remedy is one that affords complete relief with reference to the particular matter in controversy, and which is appropriate to the circumstances of the case. An adequate remedy has also been described as a remedy that is complete,...