wex definitions

sound mind and memory   (Wex page)
sound recording   (Wex page)
sounds in   (Wex page)
Sovereign immunity   (Wex page)
Sovereignty   (Wex page)
spam   (Wex page)
speaking demurrer   (Wex page)
Speaking objection   (Wex page)
spear phishing   (Wex page)
special administrator   (Wex page)
special appearance   (Wex page)
special circumstances   (Wex page)
special damages   (Wex page)
special education   (Wex page)
Special Election   (Wex page)
Special Immigrant   (Wex page)
Special master   (Wex page)
special needs   (Wex page)
special needs trust   (Wex page)
special prosecutor   (Wex page)
Special verdict   (Wex page)
specific bequest   (Wex page)
Specific Devise   (Wex page)
specific finding   (Wex page)
Specific intent   (Wex page)
specific legacy   (Wex page)
Specific performance   (Wex page)
Specific tax   (Wex page)
specification   (Wex page)
speculative damages   (Wex page)
speedy trial   (Wex page)
Speedy Trial Act (1974)   (Wex page)


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