wex definitions

spend down   (Wex page)
Spending power   (Wex page)
spendthrift clause   (Wex page)
Spendthrift Trust   (Wex page)
spite fence   (Wex page)
split custody   (Wex page)
sponsor   (Wex page)
Sponsorship disclosure   (Wex page)
spontaneous exclamation   (Wex page)
spot month   (Wex page)
spot zoning   (Wex page)
Spousal immunity   (Wex page)
spousal support   (Wex page)
springing interest   (Wex page)
sprinkling trust   (Wex page)
Squeeze-out   (Wex page)
Standard contract   (Wex page)
standard of care   (Wex page)
Standing   (Wex page)
star chamber proceedings   (Wex page)
Stare decisis   (Wex page)
Starker exchange   (Wex page)
state   (Wex page)
state action   (Wex page)
State Action Requirement   (Wex page)
State of emergency   (Wex page)
State supreme court   (Wex page)
state's attorney   (Wex page)
status   (Wex page)
status conference   (Wex page)


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