wex definitions

Accrue   (Wex page)
Accumulated Earnings   (Wex page)
Accumulation Trust   (Wex page)
Accusation   (Wex page)
Accusatory Instrument   (Wex page)
Accused   (Wex page)
acknowledge   (Wex page)
Acknowledged Father   (Wex page)
Acquit   (Wex page)
Acquittal   (Wex page)
Act   (Wex page)
Act of God   (Wex page)
Act of Nature   (Wex page)
Action   (Wex page)
Actionable   (Wex page)
Actual Authority   (Wex page)
Actual Cause   (Wex page)
Actual Controversy   (Wex page)
Actual Damages   (Wex page)
Actual Notice   (Wex page)
actuarial tables   (Wex page)
Actus Reus   (Wex page)
Ad Hoc   (Wex page)
Ad Litem   (Wex page)
Ad Seriatim   (Wex page)
Ad Valorem   (Wex page)
Ad Valorem Tax   (Wex page)
ADA   (Wex page)
Addendum   (Wex page)
ADEA   (Wex page)
Adeem   (Wex page)
Ademption   (Wex page)
Ademption by Extinction   (Wex page)


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