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A vendor is a seller of a good, service, or real property. A vendor can also refer to a seller in any other transaction. For example, in a transaction in which company A is purchasing company B’s products, then company B is the vendor. The...


Venire is a panel of prospective jurors. A jury is eventually chosen from the venire.

See, e.g. Skilling v. United States, 130 S.Ct. 2896 (2010).

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Jury duty Jury selection Jury trial...

venire facias

Venire facias is a writ from a judge directing a sheriff to assemble prospective jurors. This is sometimes abbreviated as venire.

See, e.g. Powers v. United States, 223 U.S. 303 (1912).

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venire facias de novo

A venire facias de novo is a writ from a judge summoning a new jury panel because of a problem with the original jury's verdict or return. A venire facias de novo results in a new trial. Sometimes abbreviated as venire de novo.



Veniremen refers to individuals selected either to be screened as potential jurors or to actually be jurors in a case. The term comes from old Latin venire writs in England that were required to be given to the sheriff in order for a jury to...


In general, a place or location in which something takes place. The proper place to hold a civil or criminal trial, usually because important related events have taken place there.

See, e.g. Cortez Byrd Chips, Inc. v. Bill Harbert Construction...


Veracity is the truthfulness or accuracy of a person or statement.

See, e.g. Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts, 129 S.Ct. 2527, 2537 n.6 (2009).

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Impeach Perjury (contrast)



Verbatim means to use exactly the same words as another; usually when transcribing, quoting, or recording the original material word for word, such as making a verbatim transcript in a proceeding.

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A verdict is the formal decision or judgment rendered by a court at the conclusion of a trial or legal proceeding. It represents the culmination of the entire legal process. Verdicts are reached by a judge or a jury, depending on the type of...


Verification is a declaration swearing that statements made in a document are true. Depending on the jurisdiction, verifications are either made under oath or in the presence of a notary public or similarly authorized person. Verifications...