wex definitions

Aye   (Wex page)
Bachelor of Laws   (Wex page)
Back pay   (Wex page)
Background fact   (Wex page)
Bailee   (Wex page)
Baker v. Carr (1962)   (Wex page)
Balancing test   (Wex page)
Bankruptcy fraud   (Wex page)
Bankruptcy power   (Wex page)
bar association   (Wex page)
bar examination   (Wex page)
Batson challenge   (Wex page)
Batson objection   (Wex page)
Beg the question   (Wex page)
bench warrant   (Wex page)
Beneficial owner   (Wex page)
Biased assimilation   (Wex page)
Bilateral   (Wex page)
Bilateral divorce   (Wex page)
Bill quia timet   (Wex page)
BIOCOB   (Wex page)
Black letter law   (Wex page)
Blackacre   (Wex page)
blackmail   (Wex page)
Blanket security lien   (Wex page)
Blawg   (Wex page)
Blue sky law   (Wex page)
Bluebooking   (Wex page)
Brady Rule   (Wex page)
Brandenburg test   (Wex page)
Bright-line rule   (Wex page)
Burden of allegation   (Wex page)


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