Writ of execution / Public auction / Garnishment example

Pam sues Jim for breach of contract.  After a quick trial, Pam wins $10,000 in money damages.  Pam is overjoyed, but a month goes by and Jim refuses to pay.

Finally, Pam seeks and obtains a writ of execution.  In accordance with this writ, a sheriff arrives at Jim's home and looks for property that may be seized to satisfy Pam's judgment.

Some property is seized from Jim's home and is sold at a public auction (i.e., a sheriff's sale).  The proceeds, totaling $4,000, are given to Pam in partial satisfaction of the judgment.

The sheriff then sends a garnishment order to Jim's employer.  The employer will now deduct a portion of Jim's regular wages and send the money directly to Pam until she gets the rest of the awarded damages.