Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), in order to reform many facets of the voting process and increase voter education and turnout. Its goals include the replacement of voting machines, voter registration reform, better access to voting for the disabled and poll worker training. Congress set a date by which each goal must be completed, and provided federal funds to help with the process as long as they implement a plan and allocate a small amount of state funds to the effort. In addition, HAVA has successfully created the Election Assistance Commission in order to better facilitate federal elections.

Election Assistance Commission was created in order to help facilitate federal elections. The Commission is responsible for guiding states in their compliance with HAVA and helping to pursue the specific objectives that HAVA states.

The Commission is responsible for researching matters that relate to elections, managing funds related to grants and other special projects related to HAVA, developing a system for testing election systems throughout the country, creating the aforementioned national voter registration form and creating annual progress reports for Congress.