Void & voidable marriage

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"Missouri law distinguishes between void and voidable marriages.  A void marriage is invalid from its inception because the parties lacked the capacity to contract under state law.  While a minor generally lacks the capacity to contract, Missouri law provides that a marriage will be valid if one of the minor's parents consents to the marriage in writing.  Plaintiff does not dispute that her mother consented to her marriage to Everetts.  A voidable marriage is treated under Missouri law as valid for all civil purposes unless it is annulled by decree.  A voidable marriage results from fraud, error, duress, or other imperfect consent."

"In Missouri, an annulment constitutes a judicial declaration that no marriage existed.  The effect of a decree of annulment depends on whether the marriage is void or voidable.  A voidable marriage set aside by a decree of annulment is valid until disaffirmed by that decree; a void marriage is null from inception.  Voidable marriages are, of course, good for every purpose until avoided . . . During the existence of the voidable marriage neither party can marry again.  Missouri courts hold that an annulment of a prior voidable marriage does not validate a second marriage begun before the annulment decree."