Tax shelter quotation - Textron

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 "[T]he IRS determined that a Textron subsidiary--Textron Financial . . . had engaged in nine listed transactions.  In each of the nine instances, Textron Financial had purchased equipment from a foreign utility or transit operator and leased it back to the seller on the same day.  Although such transactions can be legitimate, the IRS determined that they were sale-in, lease-out ("SILO") transactions, which are listed as a potential tax shelter subject to abuse by taxpayers.

"SILOs allow tax-exempt or tax-indifferent organizations--for example, a tax-exempt charity or a city-owned transit authority--to transfer depreciation and interest deductions, from which they cannot benefit, to other taxpayers who use them to shelter income from tax.  Where the only motive of a sale and lease back is tax avoidance, it can be disregarded by the IRS and taxes assessed on the wrongly sheltered income."