bench warrant

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“The Clerk’s Office issued a ‘Criminal Notice’—which was sent to Reeves and his counsel—specifying the time, date, and location of the arraignment and directing counsel to make sure Reeves would be present. On June 5, Reeves did not appear. Counsel said he had spoken with Reeves and informed him of the arraignment, but did not know where he was. The court issued a bench warrant. Nothing was heard from Reeves until he was arrested for another narcotics offense eleven months later. The bench warrant was executed and Reeves returned to the district court on May 21, 2007, and arraigned on the charges from the May 2, 2006 indictment.” J. Brown, United States v. Reeves, 586 F.3d 20, 22 (D.C. Cir. 2009).