Witness tampering; sexual assault; contacted victim before trial

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"In 1983, a grand jury . . . indicted David Champy for aggravated felonious sexual assault.  Respondent Bernard Rumery, a friend of Champy's, read about the charges in a local newspaper.  Seeking information about the charges, he telephoned Mary Deary, who was acquainted with both Rumery and Champy.  Coincidentally, Deary had been the victim of the assault in question and was expected to be the principal witness against Champy."

"The record does not reveal directly the date or substance of this conversation . . . but Deary apparently was disturbed by the call.  On March 12, according to police records, she called David Barrett, the Chief of Police for the town of Newton.  She told him that Rumery was trying to force her to drop the charges against Champy. Rumery talked to Deary again on May 11. . . . Deary told Chief Barrett that Rumery had threatened that, if Deary went forward on the Champy case, she would 'end up like' two women who recently had been murdered in Lowell, Massachusetts."

"Barrett arrested Rumery and accused him of tampering with a witness in violation of N.H.Rev.Stat.Ann. § 641:5(I)(b) (1986), a Class B felony."