Women and Justice: Court: Intermediate People's Court of Fuyang Municipality Anhui Province

Domestic Case Law

刘彩丽与张飞离婚纠纷,安徽省阜阳市中级人民法院 (Liu v. Zhang) Intermediate People's Court of Fuyang Municipality Anhui Province (2014)

Divorce and dissolution of marriage, Property and inheritance rights

Liu and Zhang held the wedding ceremony in 2009 and registered for marriage in 2011.  In order to marry Liu, Zhang paid a “bride price” of 96,080 Chinese yuan, and Liu’s dowry included a television, refrigerator, washing machine and several pieces of furniture. Liu filed for divorce in 2013, and Zhang requested Liu to return part or all of the bride price. The court found that the bride price was paid for the purpose of marrying Liu, and its payment led to difficulty in Zhang’s parents’ life after Zhang’s marriage. Thus, the court held that Liu was required to return a portion of the bride price. Considering the length of Zhang and Liu’s marriage and their standard of living during that time, the Court ordered Liu to return 32,000 Chinese yuan of the bride price. Moreover, the court found that Liu’s dowry was Liu’s personal property and Zhang had no interest therein.  Available here.