Women and Justice: Court: No. 3 Intermediate People's Court of Beijing Municipality

Domestic Case Law

邓亚娟邓与北京手挽手劳务派遣有限责任公司一般人格权纠纷,北京市第三中级人民法院 (Deng v. Beijing Shouwanshou Co. Ltd.) No. 3 Intermediate People's Court of Beijing Municipality (2016)

Employment discrimination, Gender discrimination

The plaintiff sued the defendants for infringing on her equal employment rights. The plaintiff alleged that the job description for the courier position included: “Eligibility: Men.”  When Deng went for an interview, she was advised that “we never have women couriers.”  She was subsequently informed that Beijing Postal could not authorize an employment contract for her because she is female. The plaintiff requested relief of, among other things, an official apology and 50,000 Chinese yuan as compensation of for mental distress.  The court of first instance held that the defendants infringed upon the plaintiff’s right of employment equality under the People’s Republic of China’s Employment Law. The Court also rejected the defendants’ argument that the courier position fit within the statutory exceptions under “Special Regulations on Protection of Female Workers,” which prohibits female workers from working in certain fields involving heavy manual labor. The Court of first instance awarded 2,000 Chinese yuan as compensation for mental distress but denied the request for an official apology. Both the plaintiff and defendants appealed.  The Intermediate People’s Court affirmed the lower court’s determination that a courier does not fit within the statutory exceptions for positions “unsuitable for women.” The court also held that compensation of 2,000 Chinese yuan was commensurate with the damages suffered by the plaintiff, and that there was insufficient ground to require an official apology from the defendants to the plaintiff.